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    Riley wow

    So I finally got my feet wet so to speak with a in call. Was a regular at time out / executive bath many years ago before computers and review boards were even out. Then the last 10 or 20 years it was a yearly birthday treat for myself. And after reading some reviews of time out girls which helped me out lots over the years, thanks guys, I had Riley when she was Lacey at time out on my short to do list but missed her when she was there. So after much thought and a really horny hangover morning a few weeks ago that I decided I need to connect with this little sweetheart before I totally miss my chance. Made contact with her a couple weeks ago and last night our schedules finally worked out. And all I can say is WOW, She's fun. Also friendly, easy to talk to whether it was about every day stuff or sex, any nervousness I had disappeared pretty quickly. She knows hows to make you feel at ease, me anyways, Felt more like a date with a gf then what it was. That was an experience I'll never forget and will repeat again. When I booked her it was for an hour to see how it went and I was having so much fun that I extended it by another half hour which I was prepared for and probably could of gone longer. Pretty much went above and beyond any of the best sessions that I've had at time out. Don't get me wrong, I love that place but this was another level of fun and excitement. Thanks Riley, you're awesome.

    Her contact is listed in the ad section here as well as her web site link for those that don't know and it lets you know when she is in town and available.

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    I agree - Riley certainly has the wow factor.

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    First time I saw her at EB she blew my mind. Head and shoulders above anyone else in EB history.
    Like Beachboy I booked an hour first time I saw her there. Before the session was over I extended for two more hours.
    Now as an Indy she is holding the bar very high for any other locals. Very high.
    Only a few touring ladies compare.
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    Riley is a double WOW and no one comes close to the " Riley Experience" I have enjoyed meeting with her several times and she
    is one classy lady and never fails to amaze me. She is also very caring and ever so mindful such as asking if the room temperature is ok
    or if I am comfortable. I enjoy being in here company.

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    If one was to make a list of everything you could possibly want in a courtesan, that would be the definition of Miss Riley.
    She has a knack for making everyone who visits with her feel special and that they are the most important person in her world, during that time.
    This stems from the fact she is a person with truly a good heart, who genuinely enjoys her profession and the time she spends with those of us lucky enough to get to visit with her.
    You can't fake her level of companionship.
    While the sex is fantastic I would see her just to get the chance to visit for an hour or 2.

    Y'all come back now,

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    I spent the afternoon with Riley the other day and I must say our time together is always a memorable one. Having lunch with a beautiful lady while she sips her wine and talks about everything in the world leaves me with having such a big smile on my face. And then reading all the wonderful and kind words that are said about her makes me feel so lucky that I get to experience it myself. I will be smiling for a long time until our next visit.

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    I haven't seen Riley in quite some time but yes what an awesome lady. Hope all is well with her

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