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Thread: Anybody used Victoria's Eden?

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    Question Anybody used Victoria's Eden?

    Haven't seen much discussion of Victorias Eden. Any experiences to share?

    What's their incall location like?

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    Swinging bed!

    There is a thread about 10 threads down about Victoria's Eden. All I remember is the swinging bed!

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    I thought the swinging bed was at IB...VE has one as well??

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    The bed at IB does swing, a little. It's anchored to the roof by four pretty strong chains, not much swing to it. Although there is plenty there to swing on it with.

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    No swinging bed at VE gentlemen, just good clean fun. We are going to put up a couple of photos of the suite on our website as we have had enquiries about whether or not we are in a dive. We are in a nice location less then 5 minutes from town. We have a bedroom with a queen size bed and a cozy massage area with a queen size futon. Both rooms are candle lit and quiet. We have shower facilities available and the rooms always clean. Victoria's Eden always has coffee for the asking during the day and if you are extra sweet you can sip on a glass of wine with your lady in the evening. Relaxed and comfortable. Hope that answers some questions. See you soon! heehee

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