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Thread: Clementine Fucks Her Friends: Vanessa Jolie Fucks Me Edition

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    Clementine Fucks Her Friends: Vanessa Jolie Fucks Me Edition

    May 15-19

    Clementine just wants to sleep with all her friends, and she wants you to be there for it. In a shocking twist, the beautiful, established, and well-reviewed Vanessa Jolie wants to fuck me right back!

    It’s a win/win really. So come play with me and Vanessa and kiss her every which way while I also do things to her and you, and she does things to me, and you…you get the idea. Now I’m excited. Are you excited? Give your peen a little brush and think about it. There you go. STOP THAT YOU’RE AT WORK.

    Here's Clementine!
    Here's Vanessa!

    We are going to be hanging out in Surrey and Vancouver with limited availability for 500/h!

    What? 5 HUNDRED




    Except we’re not girls, we’re grown-a$$ women and we’re going to blow. Your. MIND (and d*ck if you’re into that kind of thing).

The rules:

    don’t be awful
    pay us $100 each if you cancel last minute cuz we spent lots of time getting ready for you, or be FOREVER OUTCAST FROM OUR WONDERFUL LIVES AND VAGINES
    no buhm stuff
    no bbƒs (DUH)
    K text me, don’t just be like “oh hey bb” or “hi” or something boring like that. Tell me your name, a bit about what you’re like, and time and duration you’re interested in booking, and if you’d like to meet me, her, or both of us. Both. Plz both.

    We do screen, so please be prepared to comply!



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    come get us.

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    starting tomorrow! text now, 7787690927

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    a few spots left tomorrow and friday, text or you'll miss out!

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    Hahahhaha Clem. You always have the best way to bump threads xo
    Vanessa Jolie ~ Your Perfect Sexy Companion
    Available for Incall - Outcalls - Duos - Social - Overnight - Travel

    Phone: 604-409-3393
    Email: [email protected]
    Twitter: VanessaJolie_

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