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Thread: Potential VERY Dangerous Client Extremely Aggressive

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    Exclamation Potential VERY Dangerous Client Extremely Aggressive

    Okay girls Iíve been dealing with a super fucked up person all morning, I just blocked his number and am hoping he doesnít text back with another one. I have so little patience and acceptance for people who want to act like this. His partial number is 604***9925 pm me for the full one. He texted using a fake phone number app, and I normally do not respond to fake phone numbers for this exact reason. The messages are so over the top that Iím wondering if this person is a troll and just trying to get a rise out of SW. Which was unsuccessful with me because I"m a feisty middle eastern girl who doesn't take shit and isn't afraid to throw hands LOL.

    I was hoping to be able to post screenshots on here but this is what went down,

    He contacted me asking for the link to my porn videos I explained to him that I do not share them with clients for privacy reasons and also I would be putting myself out of business if everyone jacked off to me at home lolol. He then explained to me that because I do porn bb I should have sex with him bareback. I told him the difference between bb porn and this industry. Obviously in porn everyone is tested super regularly and are required to show proof. He said "A total double standard, in porn I could f*ck you bare too. What if I showed u I was clean? Then it should be the same right?" I explained to him that it wasn't and that I'm obviously very firm on my restrictions and suggested he look elsewhere if he wanted a bareback provider. He then continued on to say,

    "See? That's a total double standard. If I'm tested the same as in porn how is it any different? I'll just find you in porn and fuck you there. Clean is clean. Or I'll just snap the condom off and fill you anyways haha. Fucking hypocrite. See you soon. Can't cry foul when you do bareback yourself. Hope you're on the pill . Maybe I'll shove it in your ass too. I will find you."

    TL;DR TOTAL CREEP BEWARE LADIES, stay safe!! For his own sake I hope this pathetic piece of shit never rears his ugly head.

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    What a winner.

    Sorry you had to endure that steaming pile of power-tripping.
    Screaming Geriatric Dominoes Enter My Brain

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    Thanks hun. It was definitely a super annoying way to start my day lol. What a headache of a human

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