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Thread: Clementine and Elsi

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    Clementine and Elsi

    There I was, a sweet, innocent kid, sitting on the ferry on my way to see Elsi. That is when I received the text from Elsi. “Hey Sub-Slut, I was talking to Clementine and she is aching to join us! She is earning her training badge in domination but I am sure she is more than able to help kick your ass.” Now this is when I became THAT guy on the ferry. There were fists pumped, yelps of joy, and I'm almost certain I managed to land the cartwheel! Judge was rough, a 6.2. I mean, I've been asking Santa for a double dom session for years! I kept my composure and responded “I would be more than happy to meet her.”

    When I finally got to Elsi's, the world ended. I'm used to seeing Elsi towering over me in heels, but two dommes? Gahhhhhhhhhh. Elsi was wearing a leather skirt with red lipstick and curly hair that was equally ridiculous. I've been seeing Elsi for years, and this never gets old. This was my first time meeting Clementine and she read the book on first impressions. She had on a strappy outfit with equally ridiculous black lipstick. I didn't have a tape measurer, but I'm sure she was at least 9ft tall in heels. Spoiler: if you were wondering what red and black lipstick look like after dfk, the answer is above my vocabulary skills, sorry. Why would you ask a question that dumb?

    We had a beautiful discussion about limits and requests (yes, do this every time) and I headed to the shower.

    I came back to them cuddled on the couch. I was asked, very politely, to strip and get on my hands and knees, facing away from them. They took turns spanking me with crops, floggers and hands. There was no doubt that they were enjoying themselves as they giggled the whole time, but I was giggling too.

    After they tired of the beating, they dragged me over to the bed and tied me down. Elsi made sure I was comfortable (again, the manners on that one) and not going anywhere. She crawled over me, grabbing her Hitachi and fixed her eyes on Clementine. There were nipples sucked, kissing, moans, head boards being clutched, and a very, very happy Sub-Slut.

    Next up was Elsi's Electro “Stimulator”. Out of all of Elsi's toys, this is probably her favourite to use on me. Tied up, I found the lower half of my body dancing around with Elsi zapping and laughing at my predicament. Elsi likes to take turns edging me with blowies and then zapping whatever she feels like. The top half was preoccupied with another stunning woman, as Clementine confidentially choked, slapped and spat on my poor face.

    Somehow I managed to survive and make it to the grand finale. Clementine decided to strap up and face fuck me. It was almost a Dr. Seuss experience- I was face fucked on the bed, on the floor and on the couch! She facefucked by grabbing my hair, back of my head, even my big, dumb ears! Then she flopped me on the bed in doggy and preceded to answer all my letters to Santa. Clementine even had the courtesy to give me a reach around! As I was achieving maximum toe-curling, she switched on the vibrator she never told me about. As far as surprises go....YUSSS! As I was about to ascend to heaven, Elsi came over and asked how I was doing. As I was trying to answer, she stuffed a dildo in my mouth and cupped her hand over my dick. As I was halfway through cumming, she decided that I needed to taste my own cum! Can't stress those manners enough.

    I snapped back to reality and found mom's spaghetti to find myself in the shower. I came out to say my goodbyes and Clementine gave me a skull fuck for the road. Fucking eh.

    I do admit I was a bit nervous hearing that Clementine was new, but I was dead wrong. Through my eleven years of subbing, I've experienced s/ws who think they can pull off domination because they have a black outfit and a few toys, but Clementine was NOTHING like that. I always say that Elsi is the best because she enjoys her job, but I can safely say that Clementine is right there with her. She definitely has the right mindset, and Elsi is a fabulous teacher. Anyone looking for two dommes, who offer killer blowies, pegging, or whatever, should shoot a polite message to these two.

    I wonder if they are planning on touring soon?

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    Thanks this has made me even more excited to see them when they get to Kelowna. Already pre booked! Not for dom mind you, but I did go for the PSE package so we'll see what happens.

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    Thank you so much for this! You’re such a good boy and it was a pleasure meeting you. As a heads up to all my dom persona is Mx Lemon Ernaline and that’s what I’ll be using for all my dom appointments. Thank you <3


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    Does Ms Lemon Ernaline have a strapon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistermetro View Post
    Does Ms Lemon Ernaline have a strapon?
    It's Mx--they're nonbinary--and by jove yes they do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clementinexoxo View Post
    It's Mx--they're nonbinary--and by jove yes they do.
    Periscope down, Mx, periscope down...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistermetro View Post
    Periscope down, Mx, periscope down...
    Trust me, you don’t want Lemon’s response to this.

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    Oh c'mon, how about they give it to me in a PM?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistermetro View Post
    Oh c'mon, how about they give it to me in a PM?
    haha you didn't even like it when Clementine teased you for using email! No way you could handle Lemon

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