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    [email protected] VIPS

    My Dudes,
    Darla is epic! Tiny, tight,enthusiastic, her DFK is off the charts. She stuffed her tongue down my throat, a thing that fully sets me off! Met her for the 1.5 PSE promo which was well worth the coin! She has a buzz cut and it is sexy as hell on her. Great ass, sweet tiny little titties, and a glowing personality. I had a ton of fun and would highly recommend.

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    What he said. Though I didn't stay as long, I still had a great time.

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    I saw her too. She can take a pounding, and I'm a big bastard.

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    Just as I wrote about Wren at Sweet VIP, I love long hair, but when a woman with short hair looks GOOD with it, I really embrace it, and find it sexy!

    Darla and Wren are on my "to see" list, if I can get to the Island!


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    Sexy is sexy. And short hair or not, Darla is fucking sexy!

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