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Thread: Thick almost auntie on Capstan Way Richmond

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    Thick almost auntie on Capstan Way Richmond

    I am trying to find an SP who works part times afternoon and evenings. lost track of her. She has an apartment off Capstan Way near Sexsmith Road. She is probably 30 something. Asian, no table only a bed. Possibly a student or was when I saw her. Michelle? forgotten her name.

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    There is a michelle in the area but shes 40yo and not a student.

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    Sound's like Michelle.

    Mid 30's. She was taking english classes in the mornings last year which reduced her availability.

    Friendly lady and good service with HE.

    Haven't seen her or her ads for quite a while.I lost her phone number. If anyone knows if she is still working and has her number a PM would be appreciated


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    Yes. What fairlane said. A pm please with contact info.

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