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Thread: What was your first experience like?

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    What was your first experience like?

    What was your first industry experience like? What were your reasons for seeking out a provider? Let's get some good stories going here

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    You start What was your first experience as a SP like?

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    First industry experiences were at the "Canal Street" a neighbourhood of bars, 1-star hotels and alleys remodeled with picture windows in Amsterdam, Netherlands. However, when you're being checked over for a security clearance, possibly I got some industry experience previously that somebody else was paying for and I didn't know about it.
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    Is it terrible that I don't even know / remember. I don't know who or where or when, or why or how. I can only say it wan't in an establishment or parlour and certainly not because of a lack of a sex life. Just not sure what. Must have been 20+ years go.

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    My first was a great experience. Was very nervous, from first contact through to actually being in bed. She was really good and understanding of my nervousness. I was looking for a specific body type and someone who was well reviewed. Repeated many times over the following few years until she retired.

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    My first few experiences were w/MP's prior to discovering this website...and they were both exciting (the anticipation and the taboo nature) and underwhelming (usually an Auntie or an experience I could have taken care of at home), but my 1st actual Independent was Myya in White Rock (coming from The States, I wanted to be as close to home as possible in case I had to pull the rip-cord and scamper home, lol).

    Her en suite was in the basement of her home, (nice neighborhood, big house) and I found her drop-dead gorgeous (and not just because I was a noob). I was soooo nervous and I'm sure she could tell since I was asking the most banal questions, i.e. where should I remove my shoes, may I place my coat on this chair, etc.? She led me to the bathroom and I recall that the ceilings were very less than the 7'6" minimums, and a bit of water splashed on them and I hurriedly wiped everything down thinking any remnant of me being there was some sort of crime. Anyway, I joined Myya on the bed, (and oddly, it was much taller than usual which brought the whole 'ceiling thing' back into focus), and we just started making-out like teenagers. I didn't make any of the initial 'moves' but she maneuvered herself into the most available positions, so I got the hint fairly quickly. BBBJ was a first and it was toothy, (which every one has been for me), so we spent the remaining part of the hour+ time exploring any/all positions and variations of positions. I was still very nervous so I didn't reach the finishline, but I'd chalk that up to me just being me. Overall, I'd still put her in my top ten, but nostalgia could be playing a role here.

    A few experiences later, this happened:

    here was my experience w/her in late August +/-
    As mentioned, Michelle's incall is actually a SFR at the end of a bumpy, dirt/gravel driveway...there's a separate entrance down a steep concrete stairwell to the daylight basement, (which has a kitchenette, rec room, 3/4 bath and a very small 'bed' room, (cuz it really only fits a bed). Pictures are accurate and 100% her I am certain and she is a very down-to-earth fun girl to be around and talk to. I had a quick rinse in the tiny shower stall, (had to tip-toe around several product containers on the shower floor) and came-out in my boxer-briefs and T-shirt and was greeted by her roommate's Pit Bull mix who is very loving and sweet, but the timing wasn't all that great. Her roomie shooed the pup back upstairs and gave Michelle and I our privacy to chat and start doing our thing. She has a few limitations of which I don't participate in anyway, but I think she felt it necessary to put that on the table de rigueur. A quick BBBJ in the recroom, then off to the bedroom where we chat a bit and start again on some more BBBJ, (I commented on the 1st go-round that her teeth weren't optimal and she said that she wanted to 'redeem' herself, which she did on the second attempt) We moved on to a bit of CG and I rolled her into Mish and after 5-10 minutes I hear 'MICHELLE! Where's the blow?!!' from upstairs. I kinda chuckle to myself and Michelle lets her know where to look, and we're just getting re-started and I hear, 'IT"S NOT THERE!!' followed by footsteps down the stairs. At this point I decide to withdraw from Michelle's wonderfully wet vagina and as I'm standing there at half mast, her roomie pops her head in and asks the same question. Now I'm a total 'go-with-the-flow' kinda guy and am certainly fine if a girl wants to partake in a bit of 'hippie lettuce' or 'booger sugar', but I would have hoped it could have waited...clearly not and I didn't want to get in-between a girl and her party-powder. So Michelle has her look in a spot downstairs and then asks the roomie if she happened to have any bigger condoms...keep in mind that I'm just standing there with half a boner pointing at the ground taking-in the entire absurdity of the whole situation. Any way, we get back into it and here comes the roomie once again, this time trying to be helpful w/alternative condoms of which she tosses on the bed and leaves. I'm assuming these two are both in the SP industry based on this interaction, so I ask Michelle (almost thinking there might be a salvageable way to make the night more interesting), but NO! She's a GD medical assistant student! Holy Hell! I now understand why all you Canadians come down for our healthcare.
    At this point, Michelle and I have worked-up quite a sweat and she offered to get me a refreshment, I declined but said she should go ahead...she said she'd be back in 2 minutes. I laid there staring at the popcorn ceiling trying to piece together what has just occurred, all the while making sure I'd be 'ready' to finish when Michelle returned. Well, I don't wear a watch and my phone was in my pocket in the other room, but I can damn-sure tell when it's been two minutes...and it had been at least 5. I throw-in the towel, get dressed and call-up the stairs to let Michelle know I was leaving...she says, 'come on up here' and I had all sorts of visions of what could possibly/potentially be up there, but I soldiered up and found her nibbling some ground beef out of a cast iron pan on the stove still buck-ass naked. Again, she's very polite, nice, and sweet but by then it was definitely time for me to get gone...

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    Yes, I do remember. I was barely legal age. A brothel in the Reeperbahn district in Hamburg, at that time West Germany. It was an underground parkade, where there were around 150 ladies strolling, wearing only panties or bikini bottoms. I can still smell the perfume in that room; you strolled around until you found the lady you wished to see. I was scared shitless, just horny as hell and wanting me taken care of. I was hoping not to get knifed or rolled...and definitely not seeking companionship...and yes, she was completely lost...not in a good way. She took me to her small bedroom on one of the upper 5 floors.

    Fortunately things have progressed. Or at least I matured.
    Even though there are days I wish I could change some things that happened in the past, there’s a reason the rear view mirror is so small and the windshield is so big, where you’re headed is much more important than what you’ve left behind.

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    First experience was terrible. I had been working in Alberta on a long assignment and was going crazy in a camp with 40 men. I ventured down a stroll in Edmonton and found a street walker who seemed nice. Her incall was a low cost hotel that required the person at the desk to unlock the door. Uncomfortable to say the least being let in to the room. The act itself was over and done in five minutes. I left the room totally unsatisfied and went back to my hotel to watch porn .... again.

    Back at the camp I confided with a guy who made no secret that he liked to see women at massage parlours in Edmonton. He just shook his head and said I made all the typical rookie mistakes and needed to be pushed in the right direction.

    The next trip into Edmonton I went along for the ride and had a pretty good time.

    Subsequent visits in Vancouver were AMP's advertised on CL. I was a lurker here and found a couple downtown with some very good Asian ladies who really didn't know very much English. Pointing to their mouth or pussy with a quizzical look was there way of finding out what I wanted.

    I thought I'd toftt one day and chose one Asian lady who clearly did not enjoy this type of work. She was working with a Mammasan who seemed pretty strict. Her restrictions on everything made me realize seeing non english speaking SP's was not for me.

    I tried a few caucasian ladies from CL and had a reasonably good time. Viewing the advertisers section here on Perb was like gazing through the window into an exotic car showroom on Burrard Street. Seeing all the eye candy made me want to see some of those ladies. The rest is history.

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    One year overseas assignment in butt-fucking Africa doing humanitarian mission. Needless to say, wouldn't fuck anything hundred miles in any direction.

    Occasional breaks home relieved by girlfriend but far and few. Eventually broke up due to the distance and the last 4 months were awful.

    Came home and saw the top two providers in Vancouver for a duo. Had a great time.

    Don't see SP's often though. Always have a woman in my life and they come and go pretty quick. Nowadays, it's only when I'm not in a relationship and looking for something kinky.

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    I was 16, labour day weekend in Vancouver, I looked a lot older than 16. I was cruising around Georgia st near the hotel Georgia,back then the sw's use to hang around there. I picked up a gorgeous blonde and brought her back to my hotel. It was wham bam thank you ma'am back in them days. Quick blow to get you hard, climb on top and think of tiny Tim so you didn't pop too quick.

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    I went to Asia for the first time in '87. I landed in Seoul for a week, with no agenda. I was befriended by a genuine young man who wanted to practice English. Every day after his work, he'd meet me, we'd go to the Mog Yuk Tangs to freshen up, (bath houses that are everywhere). Then dinner, then bars. About 4 nights in it was time to cruise 3 red light districts. The last was the "traditional". Each establishment had about a dozen women in all white traditional dresses on a big stage open to the street. My friend waited til I picked a girl, then he picked one. I thought my girl looked like a perfect angel. We go behind and the walls were almost made out of cardboard. I'd never before had a blowjob that I could remember. She cleaned me with a little water and went at it. I almost came on the spot, but stopped myself, wanting to get my money's worth. After about 45 min, my friend pounded on the door and asked if I was done yet. I finished shortly after. It was good. A week later, I was in Manilla. The young lady I hung out there with famously asked: "Why do you guys want to fuck all the time?" I guess my love affair with Asians began on that trip. In Vancouver, a friend introduced me to SP's, and the first one I had was young, cute, sexy, small, sitting there in jeans with big knockers. Her little peach reminded me of an apricot. I couldn't believe I was going to get to fuck that. I have never looked back, and it's been a lot of fun so far. I can't wait to be able to afford some of you finer local ladies. If I could stop for a while and save day.
    To tell you the truth, I miss all the laughs
    Of loving each other like sociopaths
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    A Bar in Tijuana 700 USD in my shorts at 17 yrs old that woman taught me more about Fucking and bouncing up and down than any penthouse form story...
    Two pops for 40 USD! Plus patient informative instruction lol
    Should write a 30 odd year late review
    Then back down to the bar she sits my friend and I down in a booth with a bunch of mamcitas a few drinks fun social chat and we are off. Brave new men now with no fear...
    They could have easily scammed us two wide eyed idiots and taken a load of cash but it was all good.
    Love to thank her one day
    "My Cock is My Compass"

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmjoff View Post
    ...Plus patient informative instruction lol...
    For the nearest clínica y farmacia?
    Even though there are days I wish I could change some things that happened in the past, there’s a reason the rear view mirror is so small and the windshield is so big, where you’re headed is much more important than what you’ve left behind.

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    lol I started this thread and then fucked off to live my life. Do I regret it? Kinda. Lol.

    Thanks for all the stories so far.

    Anyways so mistermetro decided I have to share first so here goes mine:

    I was on SA with a couple of female friends and we were drinking and fantasizing about meeting rich guys, getting spoiled, blah blah blah; reading stories of successful SBs, blah blah blah. There was this one guy on the main page, like a "black diamond elite" member or some bullshit. He was a doctor, spoke 7 languages, had a private jet, seemed handsome enough, so I thought *fuck it I'll send him a message* so I did. He replied WEEKS later (I'd met one person at this point but just in public and it was super sketchy and there was no money or services exchanged), saying he was going to be in SanFran and he'd love to "pop up and take me for dinner", and if there was chemistry, he'd give me $500 American and I could come back to his hotel room. No pressure.

    So I met him at Yew Seafood and Bar (fucking take me there and I'll love you forever) and we had dinner. He wasn't as handsome in person, kinda weirdly creepy, but he wasn't terrible. "Fuck it", I thought, and went back to his hotel room. I was there for maybe an hour or an hour and a half, it was a typical session with maybe a little bit of domination from him, then mostly talking. I remember walking out of the hotel with $500 American and just being speechless with a huge grin on my face.

    I called the guy I was sleeping with recreationally at the time and was like "I gotta come over" so I headed there, and put the $500 on the table and we both just stared at it. "That's a lot of money," he said. "I know," I said. We laughed a lot, got wasted, and fucked. He didn't care that I had just been working. I didn't care. It was just work. I was SO happy.

    This was almost 6 years ago. I made a lot of mistakes after that first meet, but I'm glad I've ended up where I am. Some lessons were hard learned and some cash has been very hard-earned. I wish I'd had the community I have now to see me through the rough times, but it's better late than never.

    Love you all <3 now buy me oysters.

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    So long ago!! Found Miss KittyKat in PoCo on CL. Texted back and forth on my flip phone, set up a late morning. Confirmed about 7, no response. Finally told I hadn't confirmed - mistyped the #!
    Rebooked, met a cute skater girl. Great time, saw her quite a few times until she moved away. Made me a confirmed pooner.
    Thanks for sharing yours, Clem.

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