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    I second that

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    Pics are her, but add 15 pounds. She's a lot thiccer around the waist and thighs. I think she has a B cup since the school uniform and bra really emphasizes them in the pics. She didn't seem to want to do kissing or 69, but may be ymmv. English is almost non-existent except for "honey" or "happy" or "money", but has a translator handy. Provided gel bbj, pretty decent cg but better reverse cg and doggy since I can see her big ass, but her obvious fake moaning in mish was kind of a turnoff.
    One problem I had is that there was a communication error with her and the handler. She thought I was only there for 30 minutes when I requested the handler for longer, so she was really rushing me. Turns out they double booked her right during my time and she didn't read the message in her onslaught of texts for that WeChat convo. I ended up not finishing and had to leave after 30 minutes, but to her credit she gave me back the extra money that I paid for the longer session and she seemed really concerned that I wasn't fully satisfied. She even gave me a light massage before I left to make up for it, so at least her attitude is good.
    At the end I also saw Xiao Yan when I was leaving, and Jun has a prettier face.

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    Thanks for that review NaClWater. Those pics always had me wondering. The disinterest for kissing or 69 is a bit of a turn off. I'll pass for this one

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    Like Maciwater says they are couple of chubby chicks, those pics are super photoshop
    Got inside suite and I was like wtf I told them no thanks and one of them got on my way and said very good service
    Iím like no thanks please move ..... she did not moved please stay very good service Iím like no thank you donít want to be rude so she finally moved away from the door
    Not even 1 minute later handler send me a text please go to another floor way better looking
    Iím like yeah right u lied about this 2 u think Iím going to trust you with the other one
    So he send me a picture of another girl .... the pic he send it was of a model or something
    Iím like yeah right
    So I ignore handlers text after that

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    Xiao Jun is really young, super busty, fucking sexy and enjoyable..

    Interestingly I always only like women with Letitia or smaller bodies
    But Xiao Jin she’s my busty girl exception.. so fucking hot sexy and worked so hard to satisfy me
    The best thing is her very friendly feminine side that you could bond with her before and after
    Ask her about her hobby and you’ll be surprised.. she’s a biker!

    As sexy as you’d think she is in the photos highly recommended ����

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    Bingo! Happy with Xiao ya for 180 bucks...

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