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Thread: Are you a fan of only fans?

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    Are you a fan of only fans?

    Does anyone use this site, either as a viewer, or to post their own hot content? Login for sexy pics on Only Fans

    I’m trying to create a profile there, but keep getting distracted by all of the other hot girls!

    If you don’t know, it is basically an inexpensive paysite with photos, video, and all sorts of custom options. I would likely be on the more mild side, but there is some crazily graphic and wild content in there as well.

    Interested in any thoughts people have, and of course what type of content gentlemen are looking for.

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    On a tangent, try out Chatstar and ManyVids.

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    Premium Snapchat is more popular.

    I remember Katrina Jade had a great one until she transitioned to snapchat.

    OnlyFans isn't very interactive from what i recall.

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    have used it out of curiousity. basically alot of instagram chicks post teaser photos on their IG accounts implying nudity or more that can be seen if they subscribe for a monthly fee to their onlyfans page. they can post videos or pics there. and yes hardcore is allowed. i think instagram should just get out of the dark ages and allow nudity.

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    I recently signed up for a couple of girls' accounts. I was a bit disappointed, much of their material were very brief clips, some of which were already being displayed on their ads. They were also promoting their only fans pages as having daily updates, and one posts once a week at best, where the other has up until now been dormant for the last 10 days. So I'm cancelling my subscriptions.

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    I am on Twitter and see A LOT of models/escorts/adult film stars (approx. 1,600) and they always advertise it. At least the marquee girls do. I totally can see the market for it, because it's a few bucks for a monthly subscription, but guys like me aren't really interested. I'd rather just see a SP in real life anyway. I am actually at the point where I am more interested in these ladies' personalities and what things they like to do. Lots of cool things going on out there depending on what's going on. Maybe you should talk to them. Lots are from Canada.

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