I've been a member for a short while now and have only been casually indulging in the hobby (once a month or so), I haven't posted a single review (good or bad) but have been benefitting on some of the other guys' recommendations and have been feeling a lil bit guilty so I'll start posting from now on lol.
Been to the agencies and of course, met a couple wonderful ladies but what always keeps me coming back is the personality and how they treat you, make you feel or accomodated you. Seen some Indy's as well but rarely. Now on to the main part.
What made me really appreciate Jamie was how warm, easy-going and down-to-earth she was. Service was great, quite responsive, toned but soft curvy body, and best part was how proactive she was. Session was msog but unlike some I've met, she doesn't just kill time in-between or do nothing, she helped me re-energize lol, made my 1hr vic-langford-vic trip totally worth it. YMMV but just be nice to the ladies and they reciprocate.

PS. Read instructions to get to location twice and google maps isn't totally reliable in getting there lol. Was late a few minutes but luckily Jamie was nice about it 😊