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Thread: Anyone have info on Kensie Frost?

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    Anyone have info on Kensie Frost?

    I’m curious if anyone has any intel on Kensie Frost? I searched 411 and the Review forums but didn’t see anything.

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    Red flag for me, her photos don't appear to be the same girl as each pic has different tattoos.

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    At least one of the pics are of a (former?) Winnipeg provider named Amber Sexten but she routinely posted face pics. This Kensie is not doing that and as mentioned above, pics seem to be of different ladies.

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    Thanks Grizz and Mr. Beav - those are some top notch replies and i didn’t catch either of those things. Thanks and I will avoid.

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    MisterBeaver is right, Kensie Frost used to go by Amber Sexton, and on one of the other advertising sites is using face pics again. I haven't gone to see her as a customer but I met her in a roundabout way through a friend. So I can't say anything about what the experience is by direct experience, but for what it's worth she is a real person, and in my opinion cuter in person than I would have thought from her face pics (but definitely her). Pretty open menu offered with some things available for extra cost though.

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