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Thread: Australian / New Zealand escorts

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    Australian / New Zealand escorts

    Hey guys, got a question here. So like some men I am addicted to the Australian and new zealand accent lol. Has anyone heard of any Australian escorts that work around Vancouver? I figured we must have at least a couple being they love to come down here. Any help would be much appreciated

    Someone like this amazing woman would be fantastic lol

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    Alexis Arnaud, from Toronto, is visiting in the next couple of weeks. She's Australian. Haven't met her myself but thought I would mention.

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    Ella J
    She’s a Kiwi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ella J View Post
    �� �� ������❤️
    Kiwi born and bred! Love you Canadian guys!
    How tall are you anyway? Always wanted to know.

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    Butt delicious!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ella J View Post
    I’m just little - 5.1

    Hehe now that would be fun I am the polar opposite standing at 6'1.
    I am stopping into Vancouver on my way back to New Zealand
    1-2 July

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