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Thread: Piper Lane 6997

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    Piper Lane 6997

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has any intel? (Link below). I'm aware she looks kinda rough lol but i like my ladies with a little mileage as you can tell by some of my other posts. Cheers guys and if i don't see anyone soon i'll be posting another old review on a lady thats still advertising, gotta give back!

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    Bump on this, any intel on Piper Lane 6997?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotdogher View Post
    Bump on this, any intel on Piper Lane 6997?
    I was going to see Crystal in Surrey last week and happend to see Piper Lane walking down the sidewalk. She looked beyond a little mileage. My personal take was she look bloated and dumpy, ugly, and had a limp. Kind of like saying the Apollo space capsule has a few miles on it!

    Cheers boys!

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    I get that feeling from her pics, but sometimes those are the best service gals, who knows,

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