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Thread: Looking for first time experience w/ an escort

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    Looking for first time experience w/ an escort

    Live in Richmond. Im 24, would prefer someone younger. No FOB asian or black. Nice girl with nice body. Fewer restrictions the better. I like a freak. 30 mins time is all I need, willing to pay up to 200 for 30 mins since its my first time w/ an escort, I would like a good experience.

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    I don't know about "the fewer restrictions the better", but you'll find quite a few girls at around $200 for 30 give or take a $20 or $40 out there, with reasonable service. If you care for looks and body, AND you want a freak, then you might wanna find a good indy for a bit higher than $200.

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    So, any real beauty with fewer restrictions in the 300-400 range? Caucasian?

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