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Thread: Petite French girl Lia

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    Petite French girl Lia

    Contacted her. She insisted that she’s real. I questioned that based on different pics coming from that phone number. Suggested she send a photo of her holding hotel stationary.


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    Until I posted this. Holy... nut bar! Threatening to call the police, send her pimp to rough me up (ad says no pimp).

    So... can’t say 100% that she’s not real but can say she’s predisposed to going off.

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    Thanks, I was wondering about her...but not no more

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    I would have been all over her had she sent me a pic holding stationary. Even mentioned that I'd post a review so guys like you knew she was real. Why would this be so difficult to understand (unless she's fake) ?

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    Winnipeg isn't that lucky.

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    Just did a scan of her pics, and they are all over North America.
    Its a scam

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    Agreed. I wasn’t able to tineye her until I got home. Multiple hits.


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    You should dare her to send her pimp. Then give her the address to the local cop shop. LOL!
    Y'all come back now,

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    She actually told me she was at the police station and they would take me away because they leave the girls alone. Total effing nut bar.

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    I was wondering about this one too, thanks for your post

    If you come across any ads where they show their face and have their name and number written across the pictures, I can almost guarantee it’s a fake (rare exceptions). I’ve seen these ads repeatedly come up with negative reviews. More reputable providers seem to cover up their faces and tattoos, understandably so..

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