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Thread: Kijiji - Richmond - Nurse - 3882

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    Kijiji - Richmond - Nurse - 3882

    What is the intel on this?

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    Just went there very recently. Short little Auntie, probably in her 40's. Very nice lady, but not alot of English. It is a one woman operation.

    Place is a little hole in the wall. Room might be 10' x 10'. Building is across the street from where Smart Spa is. Massage is ok, but nothing special. Does a nice tease before the flip. Decent HJ and allows some touching. Finishes with the massage if there's still time left. No shower available, but she does a decent job of cleanup with some hot towels.

    All in all, not a bad experience, but not a repeat for me. $80/45 as per her ad.

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    Her number is 778 513 3882.

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    Was on route to Smart and remembered seeing ad close by. Curiosity got the better of me. As previously mentioned, small room, no shower, ok massage and limited english. Lady was mid to late 50s and offers fulll but stuck to the basis. Pay the 20 extra and go to Smart instead. On the way out, she said next time younger girls. Puzzling considering how small place is.

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    what's her body like?

    does she go nude?

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    I guess she is little chubby but not fat. You need to pay extra for nude but I didn't ask how much as I really wasn't too interested.

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    Saw her a week ago.

    The $80 / 45 min massage lasted only 30 minutes. She was on the phone numerous times, chatting with friends.

    The worst deal in town, and I don't just mean Richmond.

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