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    Did anyone visit Charlotte over the weekend formerly Candy!! How was it???

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    I did ... It was even better than the last time. It was in an air bnb I think and she had the place spotless and well setup.... Candles, low lighting, warm, etc. Shes pretty fun and a great conversationalist with a dirty mind. The chemistry was even better than last time and she let me finish on her chest after she masturbated for .This girl is definitely one of my new favorites. Im away at work, but saw she was running again this week... Kinda bummed Im not there, but hopefully shes still offering when I get back. Have you checked out Sara yet?

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    How was the massage?? No I didn’t see Sara yet

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    Pretty good! Not the most amazing one I’ve ever had, but in terms of HE it’s right up there. I guess it’s really how much you weigh each side right? I’d say an 8/10 for the massage (sensual) and 9.5/10 for the ending, which I’ll be honest is a really high score for me.

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