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Thread: Zia- Lorihouse

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    Zia- Lorihouse

    No bait and switch, pictures are her.
    Greeted by a smiling, attractive tiny lady. she's as advertised 5'3 and maybe 100 lbs.
    I could easily pick her up, lol
    Anyways, usual SOPAM routine, decent BBBJ in shower, tongue bath on bed, but she did indicate I could do what I you can come off the script.
    After the flip, straddles me and some nice DFK/LFK. Zia is attractive, I would say mid 20's, she has a great smile/teeth and she's funny!
    Did some cornball jokes but had me laughing, anyways multiple positions, Cowgirl was great but she took her time because she is tiny and tight.
    Finished off in Mish, I wanted some more DFK!
    Zia has a great body, at least my type, Cute little butt, Manmades but thats ok for me.
    She gave me a decent 10 minute massage as well.
    I should mention we did do 69 and I did some more with her on her back, but she is sensitive, gotta go soft and slow.
    she's also shaved.
    I will repeat.

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    Appreciate the review. Was curious about Zia and will book her this week.

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    I agree with OP for everything he said.

    Zia is not as young as I expected but by no means ugly. Pleasant attitude and willing to let you lead in the bed. The bbbj was above than average as her mouse felt pretty warm and she sucked hard to please. In addition, I loved how there's a mirror where you could look at when doing doggy while playing with her big boobs. So I finished with doggy and collapsed on her...

    By the way, I liked her taste of music which is pretty chillaxing, unlike some other k girls' music which felt too eccentric

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