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    Sasha Lovee 9347

    Has anyone seen her recently? I know there are a couple of much older reviews on Perb.
    However, she's posted irregularly in the last couple of months and has changed pictures (weight seems to have fluctuated a bit) and phone #s, plus some ads have appeared in the early AM with "loves to party" as part of her pitch. Due to my tall girl fetish, I would definitely like to meet her and have texted a couple of times, while her ad was up, yet just never heard back.
    Any info would be appreciated, thx

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    'cmon guys... this board is for SHARING info, thanks.

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    Did you end up seeing her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pilkington View Post
    Did you end up seeing her?
    No. Combination of dodgy ads (5AM posting with spelling errors) and lack of recent reviews. I've never had a bad experience with an SP and would like to keep it that way.
    I must say, though, that I've been on this board for a year now and I've posted several reviews... so I'm a little disappointed nobody weighed-in, considering how often she had her ads up in the last few months, SOMEBODY on this board must have seen her?!

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    I can't quite get comfortable with her ad -- it is really short. I'm with beaveraddict here, there is a little bit of a red flag. Maybe if she linked to a twitter account, added something to the ad, etc, people would feel more comfortable.

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    Same as beaveraddict, I have debated seeing her a number of times but have never bit the bullet. For a while she was doing duos with Myra, who I had a subpar experience with, so that also supported me skipping Sasha over.

    But c’mon, someone must have seen her recently and is willing to talk - good OR bad!

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    I've had to text her at least 4 or 5 separate times now. Never got a text back. I always include full details of myself, requested time etc. She seems to be going downhill though in quality at least from looking at pics from before to now...

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    I'm with the rest of you ... too little information out there to counteract the red flags.

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    Her directory page on LL (still linked to from her ad) has been removed.

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    Might TOFTT soon

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    Shes been around on and off.
    I've seen her several times when shes was pretty new on the business.
    She lost some weight though.
    Tall, nice girl. Real pic on her add.
    PSe Gfe is on the menu.
    I would recommend her.
    I dont know about her rates now.
    Better ask her.
    Hope this help.

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    Like many of you, have noticed her ads on and off over the years. Those odd hours she keeps has always been a red flag for me. Plus, in some pics from before, she always gave me that bit of a druggie vibe.

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