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Thread: Melody - Back in Winnipeg

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    Melody - Back in Winnipeg

    I missed seeing Melody the last time she was in town. We were finally able to make our schedules work.

    Melody is an energetic, perky and bubbly person and I was instantly drawn into her personality. She speaks three languages with English as her 3rd, although you canít really tell as she speaks well. She is really cute and has a tight spinner body that I enjoyed looking at! She offers an enjoyable GFE and massage. I enjoyed the dfk and her nice soft touch. Wonít go into all the details as it is similar to some of the other reviews of her.

    Time flew by way too quickly and we just started talking about GOT and our conspiracy theories. I might just have to book another session to continue it! Lol

    If you get a chance, go see her this weekend. You wonít be disappointed! She advertises here on Perb

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    Totally agree!

    Hope melody continues to come to Winnipeg!

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    Hey thank you both so much <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melody6969 View Post
    Hey thank you both so much <3
    Thank you too! I had a great time today, you are good company

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    Had a Wonderful time with Melody ! Melody is very beautiful and sexy and I couldn't take my eyes off her! She is a sweetheart and a gem and I will see her every time she comes to Winnipeg.

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    Thanks hun I can’t wait to see you again,
    It’s always a good time with you!

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    Wish I had been in town. Hope to see her this summer.

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    You are in luck because she told me she would be back in Winnipeg the middle of May!

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    Melody will be back May 15, 16, 17 only.

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