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Thread: Miss Jessyka and Stacie Dash duo

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    Miss Jessyka and Stacie Dash duo

    I originally tried to book Miss Jessyka by herself because Stacie Dash hadnít posted she was going to be in town too. I reached out by email but didnít hear a response until the day I had wanted the appointment. She mentioned she checks her PMs more often so thatís something to keep in mind if youíre trying to book her.

    Since Stacie was in town with her and they were running a duo special I set an appointment for a couple days later.

    I have to admit I was a little nervous since this was my first duo but it was all for nothing. The atmosphere in the room of their downtown hotel was pure sensuality and I forgot about any nervousness immediately. There wasnít any time to think. The constant pleasurable assault on me had me in a state of bliss where I never wanted my hour to end.

    I think it was probably as good a duo session as I could have hoped for. Anything I asked for they gave me and they even gave me some things that I didnít know I wanted. Not that I asked for anything crazy but it was a fully interactive duo session and they were enthusiastic. Their familiarity with each other really showed.

    All the usual acronyms youíd hope for were there. Honestly I donít see how I can go back to seeing one lady at a time with how much fun I had with these two. Definitely see them both if you can especially if youíve never done a duo before.

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    I too had the PLEASURE of a duo with them. Worth. Every. Penny.

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    Couldn’t agree more. I have a great duo experience every time I see them. They are lots of fun.

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