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    Just wondering if there are any ladies doing massage in glen more area -there were 2 ladies in that area in the past

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    Which two are you thinking of? I've seen that woman whose ad said "Sensual...Satisfying" but she hasn't advertised in a year. I'm not aware of anyone else, but I'd like to know!

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    "Sensual... Satisfying" is still doing massages, part time and by appointment only. PM me if you want and I can give you her number...

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    Oh I still have her number. This started me thinking about her again. Her attitude was amazing. She really got me going. I might have to call her up again. Thanks for letting me know she is still around!

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    I'm intrigued.

    Could someone give us a little bit of a review of the massage experience with this lady?

    Thanks in advance.

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