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Thread: Kelowna?

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    Any information at all about the Kelowna scene? Looking for either GFE or good massage and HR...

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    Hi ok boy.Lots of action up here in the Okanagan.A good choice of MPs. They are allinclusive which works for me.Try the wild Orchid on Sutherland. Its above a convenience store. Discreet entry and also back door exit if you wish.Indiscretions is another place its located on St paul behind the new arena. Or you can go to the old stand by, The garden of Eden on Lawrence.All of these places can be good, depends on whose on.They all have 2-3 girls in the day and more at night.Prices are generally the same 130 for the half 170 for the hour. Mileage varies girl to girl but all are full service.Happy pooning. Let us know how you make out!!!!!

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