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Thread: Lorihouse’s Karina

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    Lorihouse’s Karina

    Hi guys,

    Visited Karina today. Overall I really enjoyed it, however I feel I was spoilt with Erika.

    Another review says Karina possibly is in her 20’s, I think this is a case of great Asian genes. though I would say closer to mid 30’s. She is still beautiful and all natural. She could be the girl in the pictures (it’s obviously hard to tell), but I have a gut feeling it isn’t her.

    She stands around 5ft 4-5inches. Real petite and beautiful breast. Attractive face, very clean, polite and reasonable English. I can tell she is a smoker (she cleaned up but there was still the taste of smoke from earlier).

    I personally wouldn’t repeat, like I said, I was spoilt with Erika. But she is a great girl and very accommodating and friendly.

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    I had a great time with Karina, love how she uses the mirror in the room. I would say she is in her 20's, not 30's...
    I can't compare her to Erika as she sets the bar high, but enjoyed my time with her.
    Great little butt as well, very vocal girl, enjoyed her moans of delight

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