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Thread: Amanda massage

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    Amanda massage

    Had the pleasure of seeing Amanda from LL massage. What a knockout. Beautiful young woman, killer natural body. She is new at this and rather shy, but very friendly and easy going. Safe (covered) service, nice incall.
    I wish she would decide to offer full service, but doesnt sound like thats gonna happen. Says she is only doing this for a couple more months, then moving.

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    I texted her and inquired about FS, she was very clear it was not available and would not be available in the future.

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    The ad seems to have been deleted. Do you have her contact info?

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    Saw her a couple weeks ago. I agree she is a complete knockout. Easily one of the most beautiful girls that's ever laid hands on me. However other than that the massage was way to light for my liking and the cbj just ok. Won't be in the business for very long it seems.

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    Tommyguns, she posts and takes her ad down daily on LL massage section. If its down, that means she is not taking any more appointments that day.
    And Koala, I agree, the cbj was just "ok" for the price charged, sort of felt real teasing at all during the light massage. She's just so damn sexy tho...almost made up for it.

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    She allows touching, but does she allow DATY / Digits? Would put her on the must do list for sure.

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    She allows touching and licking for a fee but no digits. I didn't ask if licking was code for daty though. She has a killer body but not skilled with the ending (jackhammer finish) or massage. Factor in all your fees for extras and in my opinion you are better off seeing a gorgeous escort with below average massage skills or a skilled massuese with above average looks. There are better options out there, so it's one and done for me.

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    I had a visit with Amanda recently and she is in fact quite beautiful. I would say her body is a 10 (amazing tight body with smaller, but nice breast). Looks are a 8 for me, but that's subjective. Honestly, the biggest take away for me was that she is only doing this for a couple months and isn't doing this because she enjoys it. That really takes away from me being able to have enjoyed it. Actually made me feel bad as opposed to this is a service and I am a client. Her hand finish was quite "exuberant" and rushed. Don't get me wrong, it did the job, but not in a great way. Just tons of pressure and speed on the top to "get it done" as quickly as possible.

    Anyways, she does offer daty (in 69 because it happens during the finish... I think?).

    If you're into a tight body, but don't care too much about the overall "experience" then go for it... Otherwise, pass.

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    Does jasmine and amanda work together? photos look similar (except the tats) and they offer the same things for the same price...

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    This is the one with the black and white photo with the abs? I passed over her ad because I thought she was trans.

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    Amanda and Jasmine just work out of the same condo unit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dj_darko View Post
    Amanda and Jasmine just work out of the same condo unit.
    Sabrinah as well I think. Ph no's seem to be interchangeable.


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    Ya just noticed that too

    Quote Originally Posted by MRGREEN View Post
    Sabrinah as well I think. Ph no's seem to be interchangeable.


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