Hi let me introduce myself , I'm the Vivacious and Voluptuous Veronica Blake!

I have been a high end companion now in Alberta for the last 4 years. For various reasons I have chosen to work off the Island and far away from home. I have been reading a couple posts on here about how there is not much selection for Nanaimo companions, and that one cant fully "poon" properly with such a limited selection lol . So I have decided I would put my name out there for a few short days. It is always nice to have a client or two in between my tours to Alberta.

I have been well reviewed since I started on this career path, mostly on "[email protected]" threw the Alberta review board, but I think I might have one or two reviews on here as well because of the occasional Vancouver trip.

That being said I am a bubbly, seductive companion, I love to please and tease and find every aspect of this oh so fun! I just love men and making them squirm in all the right ways.

I have a very detailed website for you to research me, as well as a VERY ACTIVE twitter account. These are the BEST tools you can use so you can see my authentic self, how I look, how I talk, how I interact with my clients. I dont use any filters on any of the videos or selfies I take , there is lite editing done on the professional photo's. Please take the 5-10 minutes to go threw the last few posts I made and decide for your self If I will be the vixen to take you to the next level and give you spank bank memories long after our apt!

You are spending allot of money please do your research to see if I am the companion for you

Now because I am not sitting in my condo in Calgary waiting for apts I will need 24 hours notice, I will not except " hey you around now" that is not how I choose to live my home life here. If you are truly interested you will book ahead and make the appropriate arrangements. Also it would be wise to look up my tour dates to see if i'm in town, if i'm not touring im usually home

Please mention you are from Nanaimo


www.veronicablake.net (it will say for a split second not found, then go to the page)


Now for the fun part! I have so many friends here that I can do duo's with! These woman as you very well know are INCREDIBLE, we are all friends in real life and I am happy to say they are in my inner social circle, so please take this opportunity (because as much as the men in Alberta wish they could have all these ladies they just can't) So lucky for you we are all in the same home town!

Lalani Electrica

Pretty Pryia

Miss Lady Vanessa

Ms Erica Phoenix

$600 per hour for all duos











Regular Experience (GFE)

My website says hh and 45 min apts. But I am only doing 1 hour min in Nanaimo

1 hours $400

2 hours $700
3 hours $950
4 hours $1200

VIP (PSE) Experience

1 hour $520
2 hours $900
3 hours $1200
4 hours $1400

Trips to Greece $50 extra on top of rates

Please feel free to text with your fantasy/inquires, I do not mind chatting with serious clients looking for specific answers, by now I can tell if you are just a time waster pulling my leg, so please feel free to ask me more specifics I will always make the time for you to make sure this is a good fit and our connection works

I also have written up and can send the difference between a PSE and GFE session if you need clarification, I just feel the way i've worded it, it might be to much to post on adds, email works best for this

*DOMINATION AVAILABLE* that being said I am more of a sensual dom