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5 minutes from downtown in a discreet location or, if you prefer, some of our girls will visit you!

Available as early as 10am today

Mia is a perfect contrast of edgy Joan Jett underneath lacy, flouncy lingerie! She wants you to tell her your honest fantasies so she can enact them: she feels strongly that things are only as weird as you make them…(pics have tattoos removed)
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Available as early as 10am to meet you...
Sultry & seductive; Sensuous, soft sexy voice and hair, and above all EFFICIENT! Great goddess-like toned curves with beautiful heavy natural breasts.

Available as early as noon to meet you...
This classy beauty is 29 with bleach blond hair and grey/blue eyes. Saija is tall and slender at 5'8" with lovely long legs and measures 34C 24 34. She just loves to please and effortlessly turns your fantasies into reality.

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Available as early as 1pm to meet you...
[COLOR="#800080"]WHITNEY and her amazing legs are NEW!
Whitney is our BJ artist and enthusiast! She is bubbly, giggly and sweet: her demeanor has clients responding that they felt warm and fuzzy after spending time with her. Maybe you would like to get up close and personal with her peach-fuzzy parts?

Lelah is all tanned up from a weekend in Mexico! And she smells like coconut oil and Mexican Vanilla!
With waist length wavy, romantic hair and honey-hazel eyes, this fitness model with Brazilian Venezuelan and Romanian heritage is STUNNING. She would love to flex her toned body ontop of yours and keep you warm with her glowing, approachable personality.

Let me know if you would like to be on her cancellation list for March.