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Thread: 🌻Rowan Reid: Debauchery and Delight

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    Wink 🌻Rowan Reid: Debauchery and Delight

    Introducing Rowan, a quick fix for men seeking a little extra spring in their step.

    Do you find yourself fantasizing about enjoying the company of a woman, not just for rumpy pumpy but also witty banter and interesting dialogue?

    Do you often get that funny feeling in your pants and wish there was a way to find relief?

    Do you yearn to re-live the time with your college sweetheart, recapture the enthusiasm you had for love and life?

    Ask yourself if Rowan is right for you.

    Best Suited For

    - men wanting more affection
    - men who have a lighthearted nature or want to reconnect with their inner joviality
    - men who know the value of communication
    - men who are thoughtful and considerate
    - men looking for an authentic playful, casual, quirky irreverent woman


    - Rowan is not compatible with men aged 65

    - Rowan may have adverse reactions to men with any of the following afflictions: bad attitide, subpar hygiene, obsession with checklists/prioritizing individual acts above overall experience, boundary pushing, hostility and agression (both active and passive).

    As you guys are so fond of saying "treat her right".

    Side Effects

    Rowan may cause some side effects including: euphoria, sense of relaxation/calm, laughter, possible tremors, sweating and elevated heart rate.

    Rowan is an interactive experience, fluid and created in real time with you. Be mindful of what energy you are bringing to your experience.

    Ingredients & Packaging

    5 feet 6 inches of soft body and supple curves in a sexy 34B 25 35 hourglass shape, fair skin, some tattoos, aged for 28 years for maximum potency

    Red filament and sparkling green optics for optimal conductivity of electifying energy


    Recommended dose is 1 hour as needed.

    $170/half hour
    $450/1.5 hours
    $550/2 hours

    Weekday Warriors Special:
    Mon - Fri 12 Noon - 4PM
    Half hour is $150
    Includes all you can eat buffet

    Rx Availability

    Rowan is available exclusively in North Burnaby, just off HWY 1 and along a major express bus route.

    Rowan is available for liaisons most days between 12 Noon and 8PM.

    Those hours not good for you? Rowan is happy to accommodate you at a time that suits you best. Minimum 2 hours, deposit required, at least 48hrs notice. Please contact her to arrange it.

    Dinner dates, sexy slumber parties and customized outings can be arranged.

    Rowan will only be available in Vancouver for a few more months so supplies are limited!

    [email protected]


    Text only: 236 808 4052

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    Looking forward to seeing you smile....

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    Rough week? Let's kick back and have some fun together!

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    Tired of adulting? Come be weird with me! Let's explore a sense of playfulness and joy. And maybe makeout like teenagers

    Available most days 12 Noon - 8PM. I'm happy to accommodate your preferred time outside those hours. Special arrangements must be booked at least 2 days in advance, a two hour minimum is in place and a deposit will be required.

    Email: [email protected]

    Text: 236 808 4052


    Twitter: @RowanReidYVR

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    I am booking for this weekend if you wanted to give yourself something to look forward to...

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    I have some time available on Sunday my lovers... Give yourself something to look forward to after a long week

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    Let's set something up for this coming week...

    Don't forget I have a Weekday Warrior special in effect until I leave this fair city in the summer.

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    I'm looking forward to ravishing you...

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    Will you help me quench my spring fever thirst? The birds are doin' it, the bees are doin' it.... I wanna do it too!

    Text: 236 808 4052

    Twitter: @RowanReidYVR

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