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Thread: My Lovely ~ Lonely ~ Hungry Lil Kitty Wants To Ply

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    My Lovely ~ Lonely ~ Hungry Lil Kitty Wants To Ply

    Brand new to posting on this site. My very first post and looking forward to MANY MORE.
    I know it looks like a lot to read but really it would take you all of 60 seconds and there is answers to many of your questions....
    I do my best to get back to everyone. sometimes I am unable to. I have a regular day job where I work a lot of overtime.
    I also don't always receive messages and have recently learned that all of mine are not always received also ..b Cyber Space Decides to Eat them ... If you want a guaranteed response and for it to be quicker you are best off to call me Plz.

    Also when I book a client for a session I no longer respond to any messages I now spend my time and attention getting ready to meet with them and when they are here the same goes. that Gentleman has paid for a service and within that service my time and attention is expected and should be and is focused on them and only them.
    Please don't assume I'm ignoring you

    You Know What They Say About Women In Their 40s

    Well Itz ALL TRUE !

    �� She's My Best Friend...

    My HoT & Hungry ~ Lovely Lonely Lil Kitty Needzzz Special Attention

    She Needzzzzz Massaging Too... M E O W W

    Yeah SHE Does....

    Who Is She You ask... ?

    "She Is My Best Friend" I Said...

    My Lil K_ _ T Y..

    She Can Be Sooooo Shy..

    BUT She can Also be Coaxed Out To Plaay

    She is so CLEAN and Well-Groomed...

    She is Fresh-smelling and

    Ohhh Sooo Sweet Tas ting...

    Yup My Lil K- - ty Is So S uite Tas t'ng...

    She Tastezzz Just Like Candy....

    SHE Is Ohhhh Sooo H O T and HUNGRY ...

    She is Soo Hot

    that She's Dr' ping W'het.

    Yes My Best Friend Is

    Drippng W'het H O T.

    She is in GREAT Shape and

    L uvvvs To Exercise...

    My Lil K _ _ T _ Y

    Needzzz a Good Workout...

    My Best Friend Luvs to Tease


    She Luvs To Be Teased Even More ...

    But My Lil Kitty Izzz Sooooo L ownely, She Has No one to Plaeh with..

    Ohhhh She Is Ohhhh Soooo

    L ownely... :-(

    She Needzzzzz Someone To CuⓂ out and Pla

    My Lil K I T - Y

    Izzz Also So Curious.. Ohhhh She Izzz Oh So Curious

    * * * * * What Itzzz Like To Pl * * * * *

    w /Another Pretty Lil KI _TY ! ! ! ! ! * * * * *

    But Best Of All .....

    My Lil KI__Y and

    My Best Friend Izzzzz

    Do You Know What She Is... ?


    Whatzzz BEST About Her Izzzz ⁉

    She is Sooo T eye' T ❗

    She Is Ohhh So, SOOOOO...




    * * * Because I am mature and in my S x You'l Prime I am Also VERY into the experience.... Very much into it...As much as you or MORE ❗ so it is NON ~ RUSHED ~

    AUTHENTIC ~ G erl F friend Experience. The hour will often be longer....(Not promised but often is..) I do not have a clock ticking in the background with the buzzer beeping and saying "your hour is up
    If we are still connecting when the hour is up, we will continue to connect.
    I like our time together to follow the natural progression of the act. . . What would happen Naturally at the end of a date, if we can were lucky or Blessed to make it to the bedroom ~ Bathroom or ~ Kitchen Couter ~ Hallway Floor or In The Shower Getting W ' het Together...
    Plz Call or Text (604) 343 ~ 5202 My phone is not always turned on but I do my best to get back to your messages as soon as possible.. If I am available and on, I will respond. I also have a regular day job is that I am often at but i can also usually work around most time request. all you do is try. It won't hurt to ask.
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