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    Communication with Nalaa was fast and excellent. She is located near the airport, parking is excellent and easy to find. "Came" to see her just for her famous bbbj and oh my, it was one of the greatest i've ever had! It started with a light massage down under, sloppy all the way through, and ended with CIM. She lets you record everything, which was a first for me but it was awesome! If you want someone just for a 20 min bbbj , she's the one to go to!
    Treat her well gents, she's only here until Monday!

    Looks 8.5/10
    BBBJ 13/10

    Would I repeat? Yes!

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    And where does one find Nalaa and where does she advertise?

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    She posts on Leolist, but she takes down her ads after midnight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chugo204br View Post
    And where does one find Nalaa and where does she advertise?

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    As enticing as it sounds to record, I think with my technology skills, it would accidentally get shared for everyone to see. Not worth the risk.

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    Had a very disappointing experience with Nalaa on her most recent visit. I went in believing that all of her services offered on her website were available, but showed up to find out that there is NO more recording of the session (even though her site clearly still stated it was available) and also Greek was NOT on the table because I was the first of the day and thicker than average.

    To her credit, I should have asked these things before I saw her, but since this was my 2nd visit with her overall, I assumed my experience would be just as enjoyable as the first.

    Nalaa is a nice lady. She is hardened by her years as a provider, so there is a loss of warmth. I won't be repeating again.

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    My experience with her last year was similar- lots of advertised services with few if them actually delivered, despite being paid for. Attitude was poor. She wasn't hostile, but that might be simply because getting angry required too much effort.

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