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Thread: Looking for an SP with large lips/labia...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironman08 View Post
    I can’t believe the no one has mentioned Felina. She has what the OP is looking for.
    Is there another Felina out there? The one I know has a very sweet licking spot but I wouldn't put her in the category of large labia or clit.

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    I guess it depends on what someone considers big/ large. For me I think of the porn star Luna Lane.

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    Thanks for all the info guys... I finally went and seen Lacey today,

    Wow way better than I’ve ever imagined! Even with her muscular build, she was super sweet, and let you take control as she follows your lead... she definitely enjoys the sensual touch and very down to earth... you feel intimated at first glance, but she definitely eases you in! Definitely going to be a regular, and she looks even way better in person then the photos! I could go on but I guess I’ll just have to leave a review!

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