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Thread: Whats with Juice??

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    Question Whats with Juice??

    Is this thing legit, has anybody seen a girl off of here? I phoned once and a guy answered. He told me the system was not up and running yet, to try back latter. Seems kinda dicey. Any info appreciated??

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    As allways, dont bother with escorts in Edmonton, no web sites, mostly bait and switch, costly, and not even near the quality level of MPs.

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    Believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear

    as always... people are ready to slam escorts... same people that are probably running massage parlors. JUICE (Just Us Independent Escorts) is run by a fellow. I'm not saying that there's nothing odd or different about him (more in a bit)... just that NOT EVERY ESCORT works for JUICE and not every escort doesn't have a web site and not every escort is a waste of time and not every escort is into bait and switch. Geez.

    Anyway... with JUICE - he "claims" to run an advertising service and an answering service. Some girls will get sent out (when you ask for one) and they will pay him a fee for having been sent out, while others pay him a flat fee per month for the privilege of working relatively independently of his services.

    I keep saying the best way to find out if someone is independent... first, see if you are talking to the escort herself (not someone describing her) and ask if she takes credit cards (97% don't). Yes... I believe one or two independents do - but for the most part, an independent can't - because she doesn't have a dummy company that can clear the transaction for her. So just phone, ask, and say thanks. And check out the next ad.

    Independent names in the Edmonton Sun... Kathleen, Donna, Josee, Martina, Lynn, Andrew (yes... a guy - for those that are interested), Penny, Jaden, Pat, Monica, Suzette, Josee.

    I mean... really - that's 11 names in just today's paper that are independent gals. No one else is likely to answer their phone. Some of them have websites. Ask them... if they have one, they are not going to mind giving it to you so that you can see what they look like.

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    Lightbulb for your info

    Hi All!

    Just want to say thanks to grannyknowsbest first and formost. I would also like to say a few things about what I've gained from my personal expierience in this industry. This industry meaning I've worked for 2 actual agencies in this city one being J.U.I.C.E, MP'S and now as a true Independent escort.

    # 1:How can one tell he's called an agency or a independent? A: A receptionist will answer the phone could be a male or female. This person will describe the girl or will ask what you had in mind. One more thing they will try to do is have a bunch of girls answer the phone as the description your calling, this is mostly ad's from the Yellow pages or the Sun. # 2:How to tell the difference between the agency and independent ad's? A:Yellow pg ad's are predominately agencies given about 3 pg's at the very end of the glamour ad's ie pg's 586-589 of the new Yellow pg's. As for the Sun the ad's are usally independent's mostly the names mentioned on the above posting, a thing to watch for is the little licence# in the corner of the ad's, if you see 10 of the same licence number's chances are it's an agency. My expierence with SEE mag is that all the ad's are independents other than J.U.I.C.E and Seductively Yours. # 3o some independents acually have websites and how can you tell the difference? A:Well first and formost yes some independents have websites but if it looks to good to be true it usually is. I don't want to be misunderstood here, I just mean most agency websites are blatant. The photo's are where you'll usually be able to tell the difference between agencies and independents. Meaning independent websites have a amateur feel to them, even if it's been professionally done, you should be able to tell the difference. I will mention here that if they say they accept credit cards it's most likely a agency. # 4: Are all the bad things said about agencies true? A:In my expierence yes, from bait and switch to overcharging. In the girls defence, I will say on pricing remember to factor in she's paying fees to her ''boss" and as always the driver's fee. I hope that shed's some light for those interested.

    In closing I'd like to clear up one last pet peev of mine and I'm sure every hard working Indy's out there. I'm not to sure where I've ever heard valid talk about Indy escorts in Edmonton. I've rarely seen good reviews or bad, isn't that strange? If anybody ever post's a request on that scene, you will promply see that gentleman refered to MP's. I've worked in MP's and don't understand all the fuss, it's the same as with independents. The only difference, independents are usually 24/h or at least most work past MP hours, something rarely mentioned and you get to have a lady come visit you in the enviroment of your choice, again something severly overlooked. One last piece of advice(I swear), call around, chk websites if they are available. Do your homework if you want your fantasy to come true... Love Jaden

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    soooo true - how can they possibly know escorts in Edmonton are passe if no one has seen any of them? and no... we don't need to start a pissing war - its just a observation! Good point, Jaden!

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    I think there are some benefits to MP as well,

    Your not obligated to spend the full rate that escorts charge, and you get to see what you get and not spend money. I believe and I could be wrong, that if you don't agree with what you get as an escort you have to pay some sort of fee.

    You get a choice of different ladies on staff, rather then just one that you might have never met, and usually if one is busy there are a few more. I have called a few time to escorts and had I will be get back to you, or not available tonight etc..

    Granted there have been some bad MP experiences as well, but since we are all just making observations.


    And Granny I am not a cop as you suggested, and accusations like that do not add any value to the topics at hand. I am not offended I just don't think they are nessecary.

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    what's up

    Hi all!

    Again this seems to be such a hot topic on the review boards. I meen MP's verses Independents not MP's verses Escort agencies. I say this because of agent smith's posting, I get a feeling your confusing the two. Now I'm hoping your confusion is genuine and not on purpose. First I don't understand what you mean by cost being different. If you've never tried an actual independent, how do you know the cost is different and remember I worked at Head to Toe and happen to know the going rate's. As far as choices most gentelman know who they would like to see before they walk in the door. The same can be true finding the right independent from calling around and checking websites if available. I'd love to chat but it's friday night and duty calls....Love Jaden!

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    I was confused I thought it was for escorts, since granny mentioned escorts in her posts, and the thread is on Juice. I have called a few escorts to get prices before and have been told a higher rate per hour than an hour at a parlor.

    Anyways I don't really feel like rehashing this topic to death, some people prefer going to MP and some like having people visit them. Let's just leave it at that.


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    When all is said and done, you will usually end up a couple browns at either at a MP or a escort for FS. You can do it for less if thats your style.

    In my limited experience, I've found the average indie escorts compared to MP's will often run a bit cheaper first go round to first go round.

    It's true, if the escort think she is something special, you will find prices heading to Mars and beyond. Since I've never spent anything more than three browns, I can't report on that kind of action. I have always found what I'm looking for in my range, which is brown and a half to two browns FS without a real tip.

    I'm happy to report some of the agency girls will go an extra mile and guess what? So do some of the MP ladies and the indies.

    I try to treat them all with respect, be a reasonable person, and I don't mind springing for at least a 15 - 20% real tip on top of all the other tips, depending on what I came for. I don't think I'm a sucker. I've been burned, but it's always been on the first time session. Every repeat after the first I've been more than satisfied. Usually it just keeps getting better. Carly. Cherise. Mina. Where are you?

    Does mileage vary? You bet it does. So even if I am the customer, I don't mind making the first move.

    Ratio of bad escorts to good ones. My experience is about 4 to 1. Ratio of bad MP's to good ones. Same thing. Any other comments out there?

    Speaking of that, I wonder what the ratio of bad customers to good customers is.

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