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Thread: Alicia De La Fleur 2019 Review

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    Alicia De La Fleur 2019 Review

    Had the opportunity to meet Alicia yesterday and was not disappointed. Her photos are accurate and I believe she’s more beautiful in the flesh. She’s currently staying in a downtown hotel that has ample parking space. When I arrived at her room, she greeted me with a warm sensual kiss with tongue action. She has a pair of nice racks and her kitty is clean and sweet. From then on it was non stop action

    Did multiple positions standing seating kneeling and wheeling all over. Although I was only booked for HH we definitely went beyond that. One of my best sp experience and a definite repeat.
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    Met with Alicia as well earlier last month. Attractive woman that coincidentally looked a lot like an ex I had in college (bit of a turn on). As a first time client with her, we had a few bumps in our hour long session (where to put her long legs, 69 now or later, etc.). Overall, a great provider, but for me, she was a 'good provider'. I enjoy the fantasy of losing myself in the alternate reality of 'I didn't just pay for this' and that is where Alicia could improve on her skills. Lovely girl, great BBBJ, ridiculous legs (if you like muscular and toned, these are for you), but that courtesan fantasy wasn't quite there for me. I hope my hour or two is an absolute escape (which I believe I've said before in this forum) with a provider. Alicia is lovely, but I would not repeat, in that I did not escape with her beyond the really nice session she provides. Perhaps I am ruined by those that provide what I like, forever rating them against others I meet along the way.

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    Thanks for the reviews. Breasts all natural or enhanced? I find that some providers aren't always forthcoming whether or not they've have work done in their ads and it's rude to ask before booking. Been surprised a few times. I like all natural, not even inserts.

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    I agree with Marius, I've probably just been spoiled by my favorite providers but I left a session with Alicia feeling pretty down. She's an absolutely gorgeous woman and certainly very friendly but I felt like there was a barrier between us the entire time no matter how physically close we were. Call it a lack of chemistry or her just not liking me very much (although she never acted harshly towards me or anything, just to be clear)..... but I definitely got the sense that she wanted me out fairly quickly and that was confirmed with the heart-sinking "would you like a shower?" question to gently nudge me out about 35 minutes or so into the hour session. It's unfortunate but this sort of thing can happen when you meet someone new, I probably should've expected it as I had a similar experience with another montreal provider (Jessica Labelle) a while ago but I guess I was just being optimistic. I'll say that what I experienced isn't necessarily the norm for her because I haven't seen anyone else say something like that in a review.....maybe there was a scheduling thing going on or it was just a long day, I really can't say. I think I'll be sticking to the providers I know and enjoy for the future so that I'm pretty much guaranteed to have a good time. I've been pretty down on her so I should probably say again she's very nice and incredibly beautiful to the point of having model looks so if that's what you're looking for then you won't be disappointed, but for me it just didn't work out.

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    I’ve been a long time lurker and now first time reviewer. I suppose that everyone here has helped me out with their reviews, it’s only fair for me to contribute. I usually only see the well reviewed independent French girls when they come through (Nataly, Melody, and Charlie French being my faves). Alicia came through and I thought I’d pay her a visit. Communication was easy and had a nice downtown in call hotel. She has a beautiful body (they are naturals) and a fun smile. She greeted me with that smile and that really drew me in and set me at ease. After a shower it was straight down to business. Loved warching her grind on top of me and taking the lead a bit with different positions. After the show, we got to snuggling and she gave me a light back rub. She definitely wasn’t watching the clock and I stayed a bit later than the hour, so I made sure to tip. We got to know each other on a more personal level and since I travel a lot, I’ll be sure to meet up with her again in Montreal.
    Sorry it’s taken so long to write here, Perb!

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