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Thread: Any info/thoughts on Lola Lundstrom / Leighton Lundstrom

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    Any info/thoughts on Lola Lundstrom / Leighton Lundstrom

    Hi there:

    Noticed this lady on Twitter advertising in Calgary...wondering if anyone has seen her??

    Any feedback on her services/menu or her attitude would be appreciated!!

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    Never seen her. Hsve seen it stated she uses somebody else's pictures. Forget whose they are.

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    While I am flattered you think I use somebody else's photos, however, I am not. They are me and likely why I am always fully booked several weeks in advance on multi hour dates and trips abroad constantly. Must be doing something right since I don't really advertise. Also, the photos posted all over my twitter for over a year now would be called out much more I believe from all the Gents I see. Unfortunately, rumours are started usually by men who can't afford her or women who want others to dislike her because she is competition.

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    The posts on another board about you and whose pictures you allegedly use have totally disappeared. I find that odd.

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