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Thread: do you ever book in advance and then don't feel like it on the day of the meeting?

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    do you ever book in advance and then don't feel like it on the day of the meeting?

    do you call it off or still go through with it? reason being you aren't in the mood anymore or simply don't feel like it at that moment

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    Still go.....I may be eating out, but unlike a popular restaurant I doubt there's a line up of customers waiting and hoping a reservation will cancel. The ladies are in business after all and why should they take a loss just because I had a shitty day and wasn't in the mood.
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    Almost every time. I find the anticipation so nerve racking I feel like canceling. But I always go, out of respect of the provider and my sexual urges (obviously). Generally I am glad I have gone and sometimes it isn’t as satisfying as I would like. But that being said, the letdown is probably from my anticipation.

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    I don't always go for FS when this "mood" change comes about, but unless I'm sick or something I will go and pay for my scheduled hour, just to unload my brain on some poor unsuspecting woman rofl. Unless of course she has a laid out cancellation policy and I fall within the requirements of a "forgivable" cancellation then I might cancel. Depends on our relationship.

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    Can't book days in advance just because I might not be in the mood or something could come up at the last minute like getting sick, family member getting sick(kids/wife). I rather just book on the day of but I know sometimes it's impossible since some providers don't allow spontaneous bookings.

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    Only book same day.

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    Usually book the same day, maybe a day prior. Moods and urges change.

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    Oh, I'll get you in the mood. Don't you worry.

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    Twice in my life I have booked several days in advance. The first time I did it, after a week of anticipation, I arrived in the vicinity, phoned for the address and got no answer. I tried calling several times over a half-hour period and still no answer. Transitioned to Plan B. The woman later told me in an email that she'd had too much to drink the day before and slept through all my attempts to call her. At least she was honest about it (I think).

    The second time I booked days in advance, when I phoned the morning of to confirm, the woman told me she couldn't make the scheduled time. OK. Transitioned to Plan B again.

    I've never been stood up when booking the day of. My modus operandi now is, I'm willing to book a few hours ahead, but always on the same day. Doing it that way, I've never found myself losing the desire to keep the appointment as time goes by.
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    I used to have a standing appointment back in the day. Every Sunday afternoon. After a while it was going to visit a friend that you happen to have sex with. Those I didn't mind. The appointments that you book days or weeks in advance, and it is an SP you have never seen before or saw rarely, yes sometimes on the day I have not wanted to go. I went anyway. It probably coloured those sessions so while I didn't have a negative attitude toward the SP, I never repeated. Which I guess in a way is too bad because at the end of the day I would like to find another SP that I could book for a standing appointment once a week and maybe missed out because my mood wasn't right when I went.
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    I guess I book advance appt if it's a tour SP. If moody person then don't book ahead, you wasting someones time especially if they visiting, not cool.

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    I don't book in advance for that reason. I always keep things same day, and try and give an hour notice for booking.

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    I'm amazed that some people books weeks in advance. Way too much can happen in that amount of time. The evening before is as early as I can commit to. That might not work for all girls and that's okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukom View Post
    I don't book in advance for that reason......
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    I have booked in advance a few days up to a week. So far I havent cancelled, I have been cancelled on early bookings. I get what the OP is saying. Heck this morning I had a SP booked a few days out and prior to seeing her I had to break up a fight that got way out of hand over something small. Tie ripped up, buttons on my suit broken, pulled something and upset as fuck. It was right after a client meeting and luckily they just left. I wasnt in the greatest mood and traffic on Burrard was all jacked up. However, I didnt want to cancel unless its a dyer emergency. And Im glad I didnt and it was a wonderful time, review to follow later. We expect SP's not to cancel on us but it happens, they expect us to make appointments but some cancel. Im a professional myself and would hate to be cancelled on. Plus I was being sent/referred to her by another SP and didnt want to make her look bad. Treat people as you'd like to be treated.

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