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    Red face Tracey - Redhead 9780

    This was my very first time using an escort...
    I was really hesitant and scared at first, reached out to a few different ads, and the replies were sketchy and some asked way too much personal info, such as full name and phone number - that I wasn't sure if it could have been a setup or not... kinda freaked out but at the same time I guess its also for their own protection as well... Still I was very hesitant and backed out, never done anything like this before! Was so nervous of deciding to go through with this "escort" experience!

    When Tracey replied, she was straight up to the point, and gave me all the details and asked if it was ok...
    She then asked what room number and time. She easily then replied with a simple "I'll see you at **:00". Still I was very hesitant but at least she didn't ask too many personal details that spooked me out like the others did...

    As the time passed on waiting for her to show up, I was so nervous as I have never done anything like this my whole life...
    When she knocked on the door, my heart started racing and took me a moment to open the door. As I let her in, I became very nervous and was shaking with uncertainty of what was going to happen...

    Tracey grab my hands and calmed me so easily and was so understanding, and slowly eased her upon myself, and with addition of my low self-morale, she made it feel very comforting and was very encouraging...

    As she laid next to me with her very sexy and beautiful body, I was overwhelmed with her close presence, beautiful and sexy body, as she guided my hands towards her and all over... it was so sensual and empowering...

    We started off really good and the DATY was such a delight, the best that I have ever experienced! As we got more heated - my random song playlist had a little mishap LoL but we got back into it after awhile and continued on, and tried different positions... One of my fantasies was fulfilled and was more than I ever expected! Why haven't I done this sooner! But I guess the timing couldn't be any better!

    I am hoping to see her again soon! As long as she is available, I don't think I'm be looking any further, she has been the best experience I've ever had even out of all my sex life, and hopefully can continue this for a long time! I'm hoping to fulfill more fantasies with her and maybe can fulfill some of her own!

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    Had the pleasure of seeing Tracey again yesterday, this time for a 2 hour session. I can't get enough of her! She is now my one and only... I don't need to look for others!

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    Glad you found a good connection DT, having just started out recently. The only words of advice I'd have is to be careful falling so hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nearandfar View Post
    Glad you found a good connection DT, having just started out recently. The only words of advice I'd have is to be careful falling so hard.
    Oh I know, what I meant is that she is great at what she does, for me anyways - she has fulfilled my desires so far, that I don't have to jump all around if you know what I mean :P

    Just whenever I feel the need of some companionship, I can always count on her!

    It was already nerve-racking enough going through many other SPs, trying to find out if they are good/not good, real or scammers, etc. I could always count on her as long as she's up for it!

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