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    Has anyone seen or have intel on Kitana in Richmond ?

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    She's under 6897
    Any Intel?

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    sweet jesus i love those pictures

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    She is Hot,

    She is really Thick,

    Nice Size Booty,

    Nice Size Big Boobs

    Thick Thighs,

    She has a very Pretty Face

    She can give Head,

    She is all around Very good in her service, She has pretty face though, and eyes,

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    hey jwick, did you see her? can you elaborate on her service? and the price?

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    I don't think this review is legit, unless the girl uses fake pics:

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    oh god damnit. thats why i asked for more info, cuz i was doubtful. thanks Banksy

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    I'm not sure if she's real...but I contacted her and she says 80/120/200

    15min. 30min. 1hr

    CBJ and DFK allowed

    no exception for bbbj ( so a pass for me)

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    99% sure she's fake. if she were the actual instagram model from Miami i'm sure that would've been reflected somehow in the ad

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