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Thread: Dakota Cole - a clue review

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    Dakota Cole - a clue review

    On a recent trip to Edmonton (earlier this year), i had the pleasure of meeting Dakota Cole. Suggested to me by an Edmonton legend Trawler to contact her and that's how the adventure started. I was able to read up on others who have visited her on along with her @DakotaCole10 twitter images to assist my decision. After a brief reference check and we had a date set.

    She was able to visit me at my hotel and I was happy to receive her. ​She a stunning package and that impressive rack enters the room first. Her personality is a wonderful mix of vixen and college girl. We have a lovely conversation that progresses further and further into the bed with less and less clothes as we go.

    I've had such fun with her that I've repeated since then. If you like ​a busty brunette with a pleasing attitude, Dakota is your girl.
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