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Thread: Has anyone seen Myyah?

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    Has anyone seen Myyah?

    She looks too good to be true?

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    Your link didn’t work.
    If you mean Mya or Myyah who only does outcalls to hotels or houses, I feel it’s LE.
    I’ve tried numerous times for over a year to get info, and every time it’s silence. Zero experiences on Perb.
    Based on her pics (borrowed) and that she’s been 26 or so for years, I would just skip the ad.
    Too much to lose.

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    She is real. Will promise gfe through text but changes when she gets there. Pics are old. Not as good looking in person. There are much better out there. I’d pass

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    i recall reading a review a month back or so that she was a lot heavier than her pics. Bait and switch for sure!

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    thanks everyone

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    She was one of the ones I contacted at first that felt very strange during the conversation, was too sketchy and ending up just backing out...

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