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Thread: Mandy? or Lani? or Yumi?

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    Mandy? or Lani? or Yumi?

    I chatted with Mandy via text messaging

    Then I chatted with Lina via text messaging

    Both ladies gave the same in call; a motel on the highway.

    I decided to spend an hour with Lani; $$

    When I arrived I was given the room number which was associated with the telephone number with this advertisement

    All three ads promise a 20 something lady with large breasts. I was greeted at the door by a late 30's lady with very small breasts (but firm and nice pencil eraser nipples). Her English was negligible but she was proficient with the translation program on her cell phone

    Such said she was an energetic partner and kept pace for a solid 30 minutes in the saddle with multiple positions.

    And the lady behind door #2 is?

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    Stick with verified sp’s. I’ve seen the best looking Asian girls on Leo and everyone was fake. Most are ok sp’s, but I haven’t met one that’s actually the girl in the picture, not one. So here’s the test, ask them for an up to date picture. Have them smile and hold up both thumbs in front of them Fonzie stule. 99.9% will decline, there’s your answer. Remember, it’s your money, stick with the verified ladies, it’s worth it. If they aren’t verified, make sure they well reviewed. I have yet to see a gorgeous Asian sp reviewed on here. I’m sure there’s a few, but I haven’t seen them.

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    There are several challenges. First there are very few reviews for SP's in Kelowna. Of the very few reviews even fewer are positive. So what is one to do?

    Comparing Asian versus Caucasian providers:
    1) Photos - I agree; almost all Asian leolist ads have false photos. Many of the Caucasian photos are out of date. Thus in most cases, regardless of nationality, the lady behind the door will not be the lady in the photos.
    2) Age - With a few exceptions everyone lies about their age.
    3) Price - Asian providers are generally easier on the pocket book
    4) Service - In my opinion this is where there is a big difference. I have always had a good experience with Asian providers; some better than others but all were enjoyable. Such cannot be said with Caucasian providers. I would say that when I TOFTT with a Caucasian provider over half are regrettable.

    Looking at the 50 odd listing on leolist today; two SPs from Penticton (Amy and Daytona)(but hwy 97 is blocked) and one from Vernon (Ms Rabbit) get good reviews. Mel and Amy Daniela are not advertising, Niquee is in Kamloops and the little brain is demanding attention what is a guy to do?

    If more Kelowna PERB members would post reviews than decisions might be easier. Given one finds oneself in a TOFTT situation, my 2 cents (or more realistically a couple of hundred dollars) goes to the Asian SP

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    Are there any independent 20-something Asians in Kelowna these days? Or is it all this human trafficking stuff?

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    Sophia is good Amy Daniella is terrific, Rachel Taylor is terrific, Lacy Lovelle is high end, Cassidy Gold is terrific. These ladies are more at the high end for price but also the high end for services. Veronica Vixen is real and fun, Angela is real and well reviewed. There are some very good choices here.

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    I prefer Asian massage girls, Vancouver or Toronto style. Lots of fun for a reasonable price.

    Full service, high end or not? Meh. It's hit and miss, but mostly miss. No pussy is worth $300 per hour. That's just nuts.

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    The ladies I have seen in Kelowna have been coming from Hong Kong. Typically in their 30's and speak minimal English. With the help of Google translate my understanding is that they were working as escorts in Hong Kong. Not only do they make much much more in Canada but the clientele is nicer (yeah for Canadians!). Sounds like win win situation to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crookedmember View Post
    I prefer Asian massage girls, Vancouver or Toronto style. Lots of fun for a reasonable price.

    Full service, high end or not? Meh. It's hit and miss, but mostly miss. No pussy is worth $300 per hour. That's just nuts.
    Interesting perspective. Most asian ladies I have been with have been disappointing from both a price and service level basis. In my opinion, there are a small number of ladies who are worth $300/hour but there are many that I would not want to pay $100 per hour. Life is too short to drink bad wine or play with bad pussy. What would you rather have, two disappointing 1 hour sessions at $200 or 1 mind blowing session at $300? I will vote for the latter. I have had a couple of the former and would rather not indulge at all. I appreciate good service immensely. A special shout out to Amy aka Daniela and Playmate Mel for being in the mind blowing camp.

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