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Thread: An experience with Heidi Jones

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    An experience with Heidi Jones

    I have never written a review for an escort until now. Had several wonderful dates with Heidi Jones from Leo's List that impacted my life in such a positive manner I just felt compelled to share the experience with someone!

    First she is very beautiful. That is first thing that strikes you is what a drop dead gorgeous blonde she is! She has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen! They literally sparkle like sapphires. She has those nice naturally thick ruby red lips that women spend $$$ for botex injections - she is all natural. Helen of Troy move over we have a new icon of beauty - Heide of Victoria!

    If her looks weren't enuf what I discover is she has this effervescent and wonderful personality that puts you at ease right away.

    She has great sense of humour and really fun to be with. She really impressed me! Gawd I enjoyed time with her!

    Then we got down to business - and her skills are EXCEPTIONAL! This women is one of those that any thing she takes on she becomes exceptional at it and she is indeed exceptional. My Gawd what great groaning orgasms I experienced with her. Wow! exceptional!

    Incredibly Beautiful, incredibly nice , incredibly skilled!

    15 out of 10! A+++

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    I second all that, brother. Made me happy, very happy.

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    I’ve heard the name but can’t recall seeing any of her ads?
    How does one contact her?

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    You will be happy - my review should be out by week’s end.

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    One of the pics in her ad is also being used by Katia at sweetvips. Either she’s the same person or is using fake pics.

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    Oh sure but usually agencies don’t let the girls also advertise themselves as Indy while they’re still working there. The # in her ad definitely isn’t the svips # and I notice she’s not on the schedule so she’s probably gone Indy.

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    Well, she's gone from SVIPS. Probably because she was outed here (we don't know for sure, but it sure seems like it). I think we should be more careful when posting information about providers because we don't know how we can affect somebody's livelihood. Whether Heidi and SVIPS had an agreement or not, she's gone from there, and that's probably not a good thing.

    This thread started as a review of someone with only one post (SpecialK007), so I can understand some hesitation, but then that review (and the fact that the provider was real) was confirmed by someone with multiples posts (HalS). There's another confirmation that the provider is legit by ilovethishobby --who also has multiples posts-- here:

    It takes two minutes to find this information. That should have been enough confirmation that the provider was legit. But if still in doubt, one can always PM the people who have confirmed that she's legit and ask for more details.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is this: before you post something, do your homework properly and think about all the possible consequences of what you're posting. I understand there's a lot of bullshit out there (e.g. Leolist) and we should be thorough in our research, but we're also dealing with real people with real lives here; our words have consequences in the real world.

    Now that the cat is out of the bag, I can confirm that Heidi (LL) is (was) indeed Katia from SVIPS (now gone from there). I have seen her multiple times and I completely agree with SpecialK007: she's incredibly beautiful, incredibly nice, and incredibly skilled. The reason I didn't say this before is because I had no idea if Katia/Heidi and SVIPS had an agreement and if they did, what kind of agreement it was, and I didn't want to potentially affect her business and/or their relationship.

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    I agree that personal info should never be shared regarding the ladies...I also think that agency's should never think that they have proprietary rights to the ladies! Seems a little too much like pimping!

    The agencies should not promote unsafe sex either!

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    The entire point of this board is to share info. Heidi Jones was posting on leolist using pics of Katia from sweetvips. A new ad on leolist thats using pics of an established provider is a huge red flag and that kind of info is pretty much the entire reason that most people come to Perb. I’m sorry if Heidi got caught going behind harvi’s back (if that’s what happened - she was already off the schedule at sweetvips when I made my post) but have zero guilt at pointing out that what appeared to be two different girls were using the same pictures.

    If Heidi wants to be listed at an agency and work Indy on the side she should consider blackorchid as I believe Rikki is generally fine with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saneman View Post
    The entire point of this board is to share info. Heidi Jones was posting on leolist using pics of Katia from sweetvips. I’m sorry if Heidi got caught going behind harvi’s back (if that’s what happened - she was already off the schedule at sweetvips when I made my post)
    Agreed! there is nothing to debate here, Katia/Heidi needed to drum up more business, now she has gone indy so she can charge (the suckers who are willing to pay) whatever she can milk from them! case closed.
    Be verwy quiet, I'm hunting poontang!

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