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Thread: DATY or BJ?

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    DATY or BJ?

    Pretty sure I'm in the minority here. I prefer DATY to BJ. I'm wondering how much in the minority I am so thus, the poll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by respectfulfun View Post
    Pretty sure I'm in the minority here. I prefer DATY to BJ. I'm wondering how much in the minority I am so thus, the poll.
    I prefer DATY as well

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    Looks like it's three for three so far.

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    What is wrong with both at the same time?
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    no doubt about

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    So far, I'm a bit surprised, but still a small sample set. I used to like 69, but I found the position to be a bit physically constraining to fully enjoy eating pussy the way I like.

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    DATY is one of my favorites,i always spend more time down there for sure!

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    IMO the choice is not mutually exclusive. Though my ( and hopefully her) enjoyment of DATY does heighten my own excitement.

    No choice for both?

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    69 Preferred - there should be an option for both; concur with exciting when she enjoys daty too.....

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    Daty always makes me rock hard way faster than a hj/bj after the first finish. If she is orgasmic and likes msog, get her to Queen you so she sees the rise which ends up often in a 69 before round two. Also, some gals adore good daty and desire the rod even more! Gotta say daty!

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    Which do you prefer: food or oxygen?

    Edit to add: one might be more urgent (DATY), but in the long run I couldn't live without either.
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    Without a doubt Daty!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobbyMcgee View Post
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    no doubt about
    My ATF once told me she prefers 68...she does me and I owe her one! She confessed a lot of ladies really don't care for 69 because they can't fully enjoy giving or receiving.

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    I could eat pussy for hours!
    Don’t get me wrong I also enjoy a good bj too. I prefer to go slow exploring an entire woman’s body with my mouth, then gently licking every millimeter of her vagina with my tongue before going for the clit.
    Almost every woman I’ve been with absolutely loves this.
    Watching a woman, moan, wiggle and move her hips around is pure heaven for me!
    Getting a bj makes me hard(which I’m usually already at full mast when I’m with a hottie anyways) and feels good for a bit, but the feeling of a nice vagina is better for me also!

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    I actually prefer a nice long bj to fs, let alone daty. Might be that it’s just too much effort to try and stay in control in a tight pussy for me. By the time I finally squeeze in there...

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