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Thread: Ashley Banks

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    Ashley Banks

    Has anyone seen Ashely Banks posting in Surrey it looks like ?

    Any Intel on this one ?

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    Planning on TOFTT sometime this week. That ass looks too good to be true

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    Did anyone see her yet ?

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    Bump...still no takers.... unless she’s a gem lol!!
    Im considering toftt only if I get near the area...

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    looks like she going by anna wick now

    anyone see her yet ?

    pics do look too good to be true ?

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    if this is about the ashley banks with last 4 digits 6277 I went to see her and was very disappointed

    her apartment was a total mess, clothing and dirty dishes all over the place

    the face was not what I was expecting at a all, I hate to say it but she has no right to call herself a bbw, she is just a big woman

    would never repeat

    hope this saves some guy on here a bit of his hard earned $$

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    hows her ass look though? is it nice or is she just fat with a flat ass like an aging first nations girl?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericbbc772 View Post
    i think you may have ashley’s messed up, perhaps? i met with ashley by gateway she is very tall amazon forsure.chubby big women with a huge ass, but she is not to fat. i found her place to be rather tidy. her service was on point, bbbj was unforgettable. if you don’t like big women she is not for you. def worth the $100hh
    Yeah, sounds very believable there bud!

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