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Thread: Chrystal Elite.

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    Chrystal Elite.

    I wasn't sure if I should put a review for Chrystal after I saw her yesterday afternoon , for two reasons. One, there are already a few reviews for her, and they are fairly accurate. Secondly, she told me I didn't have to. So I slept on it, dreams of her all night. Woke up knowing I would have to say something. She did ask me to not go into graphic detail and I will not, not even in a PM, don't ask.

    Have you ever had something you wanted to try but couldn't work up the nerve to ask your wife\girlfriend\mistress etc. because it's a little out there? I did. I saw Chrystals ad on LL on Sunday( the Superbowl was so boring I had to find something else to watch). Checked out her website and made contact. Several emails were passed as she screens potential contacts. I made a fairly specific request and she was absolutely into it.

    Everything she says in her ad and on her website are accurate, as are her pics. But that doesn't prepare you for what it's like to see her in person. She met me at the door in a robe and heels. I'm just shy of 5'10" and I had to look way up to see her face. And she's beautiful. tall and toned, 100% natural. Curves right where you want them to be. Those legs.... they go on forever and so could I.

    She's from Montreal but speaks English fluently with just a tiny hint of an accent. She sounds sexy.

    My hour blew by far too quickly. She did everything I wanted and more. A quick shower ( I was sweating when we were done) and a little chit chat before it was time to go. I've said in previous reviews that I rarely see an SP more than once as I like variety. But I will see Chrystal every chance I get, she has changed me.

    L- 10
    A- 10

    I can't imagine having a better time, except maybe going for 2 hours, but that might kill me.

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    Great review thanks man

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    Yes, Chrystal is fantastic. A tall, elegant French Canadian beauty. Every part of her body is pure perfection. She's also super fun to talk to.

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    Chrystal definitely is fantastic! As far as “attractive but pretty average looking” goes, I disagree. Loved her look. I’ve read so many glowing reviews about her that there was never any doubt she’s a sensual courtesan of high quality. I’ve hesitated to see her in the past because I was looking for a more “specialized” session involving her domination skills. From past reviews there wasn’t much to go on so, finally, I bit the bullet and went for it. We communicated by email to establish the general scenario. Wow! She delivered! It was exactly the kind of encounter I was looking for and she was even more sexy, sensual, assertive and commanding than I’d hoped for. Chrystal visits regularly and I can’t wait until next time!

    Oh, I also agree that she is super fun to talk to.
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    Amazing thanks for the review, love her outfits

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    She is one of a kind!! Hope to cross paths with her again soon.

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