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Thread: Rose Delacourt review

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    Rose Delacourt review

    Had the luck to see Rose today, and all I can say is Holy Bananas! She is even more gorgeous in person. If you have been thinking of seeing her go do it before she goes. She might not be back for awhile and you’d be a fool to missout. Great time, great company and all the other reviews on her speak volumes. I know I can’t wait to see her again.

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    Too many people pulling no shows and cancellations on her. Same story I’ve heard from other SP’s in the last few months. Rose is great company, it’d be a shame to lose her because the city is becoming seen as a massive waste of time and money.

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    She's one of my fav's!!
    So much fun and a truly wonderful lady.

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    The amount of Ladies that now totally bypass Winnipeg is staggering because of the no shows/ cancels.

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    No show and cancels, deliberate sabotage of ladies' by local scum.
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    Rose has absolutely been one of the best touring ladies that we have had regularly visiting our city over the past year so it would be a total tragedy if she were to remove Winnipeg from her list of regular stops.

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    Hey sweeties, I know it’s not well perceived when a lady comments her own thread but I felt like I should address this issue. Winnipeg is certainty the worst city based upon the rate of cancellation/no shows. I constantly get threats to my safety and every booking is a gamble. Who will show up? Am I safe? Those are questions that come to mind everytime I meet someone.

    On the other hand, I’ve never encountered such sweethearts, so many caring individuals who make you feel like a princess. I’ve developed some beautiful relationships. All this to say, thank you and please guys, those of you who want us to keep coming back, pre-book, don’t cancel at the last minute and be kind. I know my colleagues and I deserve it ❤️

    Tons of love!!!!

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    Hope to see you back this summer.

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    I had the pleasure of seeing this lovely lady on the past. Pictures were very accurate and attitude and service lived up to her professional level ads and web page. Booking was straightforward and she is by far one of the most gorgeous, fit and enthusiastic providers I have been with. she exudes confidence and sensuality. I hope she is much better treated next time she comes here, she deserves it and it would be a shame if we were to be dropped from her touring schedule.

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    Loved this lady ~

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