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Thread: Brody and Audrinna. First time Group Play and GB.

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    Brody and Audrinna. First time Group Play and GB.

    I've been reading about these GBs for months, and I finally took the plunge into attending. I must say that the Brody and Audrinna's infamous GB's are nothing short of epic and up to all your wild expectations. It's intense, sensual and porno style in it's most raw, authentic and ridiculously fun experience.

    There were about five guys in total who joined in on the fun. Everyone was laid back, chill and just having a good time. Ages, ethnicities and sizes all varied but it didn't matter and felt quite liberating to be in a room full of sexual energy.

    Audrinna and Brody made sure quickly that everyone was comfortable with their cocks out as they worked the room with some sloppy bj's to get everyone in the mood. The next hour was a complete blur with everyone enjoying these beautiful women. Watching Brody get eaten out as she took it in her mouth with all of those epic sounds was exhilarating. Audrinna was laser-focused on every guy in the room with her sexy glances that screamed fuck me. She had her mouth, hands and other tools all quite full tonight. I looked at my watch, and 30 minutes into the session the room was drenched with cum.

    By the end of the session, everyone was drained and satisfied. Towards the end, I showered put my clothes on ready to go, but I couldn't pull myself from watching Audrinna get pounded on the bed and Brody taking a mouthful. I got saw my junior bulge through my pants. Next thing I knew, instead of going home I had Audrinna making sure she got the last drop as I painted her face with a shot. Epic!

    These two girls are amazing, love to please, fun and so sweet. You can tell they want to make sure everyone left feeling like a king. This is my experience with group play but I don’t think it will be my last.
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    Great review. Awesome fantasy. Not sure I could handle all the traffic of a GB.
    But keep the reviews coming

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    Good day Mate

    Thanks for the review ..
    Those two are a lot of fun and so far the GB`s i have attended too have all gone about the same..
    A freakin blast ..

    Group events are a fun, and a unique experience .. I have have always enjoyed the excitement of them ..
    AkA, the rush of all those people naked & wrestling naked at the same time .. good times

    Glad you enjoyed yourself mate
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    LOL, pulling you back into the fray to drain that last load sounds exactly like Brody and Audrinna. It makes all the difference in the world when the ladies are actually enjoying what they are doing.

    Just to clarify, and save the ladies a lot of inquiries, the BJs are bare if you want them that way but all the sex is covered though pulling out and spraying body shots was happily encouraged in the few of these I've attended.

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    Sounds hot. How does one get to join in on such an adventure?

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    Quote Originally Posted by superbrick View Post
    Sounds hot. How does one get to join in on such an adventure?
    Two options. 1) Monitor their websites and leolist ads for when they post for a GB or 2) Give Brody a call and let her know you are interested and what days of the week/times generally work for you. She keeps a list and when she has enough names on the list she reaches out to everyone and sees if they can make the specific date/time. These things can take a few tries to get off the ground as it's a challenging to align so many schedules. They seem to pull them of once or twice a month.

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    I saw Brody once for an evening session when she was at SVIP. The worst ass and pussy smell I have encountered in my life. Doggy became unbearable after half a minute, and by then the smell had filled the room. Asked for a BJ finish while trying not to breath in too much, and got out of there.

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    huhuhu, oh the memories from these GBs. Brody and Audrinna are the hottest. I miss those two
    Oh, and GQ1, she smelled and tasted great every time Ive been with Brody, just sayin.

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    Sorry to hear you had a different experience than some GQ1. I think it's been over 2 years since Brody was at SVIP and she has had a fair number of positive reviews since then. Always a YMMV industry, especially at the agencies if the bookings get tight back to back when they don't have many ladies working. That's one things that makes me prefer low volume independents, like Brody is now, who only see a few clients a week. Or in this case who see quite a few clients at once in the case of these GBs

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    GQ1 are you sure that you are referring to the same Brody, as I have seen her multiple times and she is fantastic. Impecable hygene, sexy, the best bbbj around and what else can I say, she is totally awesome. Not to mention, her tenure at sweet VIPs is more than 2 years ago. I've only ever seen positive reviews for her. She really is a great service provider and has become a great friend as well. You must be confused.
    old enough to know how...and young enough to do it again.

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    Has GQ1 ever posted anything positive?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dabbles View Post
    Has GQ1 ever posted anything positive?
    Maybe once. He's our resident troll. Try not to feed him.

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    huhuhu, but trolls are so fun at times!

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