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    Quote Originally Posted by fedor604 View Post
    Yeah it’s good service, face fucked her good and cummed in her mouth. She is a bit older then 20 more like early 30’s but she takes a dick and can ride like a champ!

    Hard get hold of sometimes and make sure your Caucasian that location prefers the whites and yellows only haha.

    Cheers ��.
    I don’t expect any 20 year olds at that price range.
    Maybe you could provide a full review on her??
    How’s her body? Nice flat toned tummy?
    How are her bolt on’s?
    Service...bbbj, shower action, daty etc?
    Shaved down below?
    How’s her English
    Pic looks decent but kinda blurry

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    Quote Originally Posted by fedor604 View Post
    Yeah man no problem. I’ve seen several girls there and there always top notch, lady who runs that sp is good!!

    Her body is decent, I prefer girls with bit more muscle and tone but it was nice to have a skinny girl for a change. Yeah flat and decent body. Nice little b cups with nice little perky nipples.

    She’ll meet ya at door and give you the usual, money then shower. She will give ya mouth wash in case you want to kiss or go daty. But in the shower she will let you have some face fucking action. Took me to the bed and proceeded to deepthroat. She stuck her ass out like she wanted her sweet little pussy eaten so I indulged myself for 15 minutes of eating her tight little pussy and ass. Yeah I’m a savage I didn’t care that day.

    She then climbed down and rode me reverse for 5 minutes but I wanted to pound her and watch her little body get pounded on. So I took her to the corner of the bed, lifted her legs in the air and just pounded her as hard I could for 10-15 minutes. She loved it and I told her I was about to cum she whipped off the glove and crammed my cock to the back of her throat. I grabbed her head and forced is down even more and blew a fat load into the back her throat.

    Have done just about that to every girl I’ve seen there... there young and like to be fucked good. So don’t disappoint them haha.

    I’d rather go then anywhere in lower mainland... but I’m off to Thailand in 10 days so pussy will be falling out my pockets soon.
    Cool thanks.
    Yeah I love eating pussy too! But only if the girl enjoys it. Love it when they make sexy little moaning sounds, tell me how good it feels and moves her hips around etc! Hate when girls lay there not making a sound, staring at the wall!
    Is she completely shaved? Love munching on bald pussy!
    How’s her English?
    She looks really fuckable in her pics!
    I’m actually a big fan of skinny girls! Love being able to wrap my hands around their waist and bounce them on my cock! Lol

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    That pretty much covers everything!
    Thank you!
    Yes I’m also Caucasian!

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    I saw her today. Didn’t click with her. Service was actually pretty bad in my opinion. I found very non gfe. Did my bizz and left. Paid for an hr left in 30. Couldn’t wait to leave.

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    How is Amy compared to Twins?

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    Her ad is gone, I cant find anything. Is she gone too?

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