Like the title says, this was my 3rd time visiting Maria Vega, and believe me boys, there's a very good reason why I set aside money all January to see her again.

Texting, location, all the fundamentals are easy, its all brass tacks with her (they get more flirty over time though). We set the date and time, and off I went. If you follow her twitter, which I strongly recommend, you'll see plenty of sexy little outfits, and i requested she greet me at the door in a bikini. Maria is curvy girl, this last visit for some reason it hit me that she has the same figure as the Venus of Willendorf (but not the tummy), and seeing her in that bikini it really clicked for me why those first cave people chose a curvy, busty babe as their god, cause if you'll all excuse the pun its literally fucking divine.

She told me in past sessions she loves to please, so I decided to let her do what she does best. She accompanied me in the shower and did all the cleaning for me which in itself is incredibly hot, but those of you who read my past reviews of her know that the hands, the dancing hips, the naughty smile, even those perfect huge boobs are all nothing compared to her unbelievable hands free bbbjs. She gave me one while we were still in the shower, and it did not take long for shot one to be literally siphoned out. I have never prematurely came in my life, but Maria got me, and I cannot stress this enough, completely hands free the quickest any woman probably ever has. If you last more than five minutes during of her bbbj's, get yourself to a doctor cause to quote Warren Zevon, your shit's fucked up.

After the shower we went to the bedroom and chatted for a bit to wait for the little guy to recharge. Sensuality comes off Maria in waves, her tattoos confidence, and charm come together in ways that put you at ease, but really taps into that Venus energy I talked about before. With a little help from her I was ready to go again, and we road out shot 2 with her on top of me and then in doggystyle. There are a handful of times in life, if you're lucky, where you get with a woman so hot where the sexual chemistry clicks so perfectly, that you do your absolute best to try and pump your soul into her and that's what this was.

And then came shot 3 (an Olympic level feat for many, ,myself included). I had mentioned during our chat earlier that I thought she is so hot that I wanted to fuck her on her every surface of her incall, and after another fifteen minute break, she asked me if I wanted to take her on the sofa. Yes Maria, yes I would. The doggystyle was again borderline indescribable, I say only that girls with booty's like hers ripple like waves on the ocean when the rhythm gets going and seeing it will take you feel like you're forty-feet tall with a dick to match. Unfortunately, the little guy had been taxed pretty heavily at this point, and there was no way he was going to rally a third time in coitus, which Maria found unacceptable. She told me to ditch the condom and promptly dropped to her knees to get shot 3 with a bbbj. The sensation of cumming a third time scrambled my brain, and it was another ten minutes before I could even stand again.

The moral of the story; Maria Vega is a babe that comes along only a handful of times in life, and you owe it to yourself to worship with the goddess. Go and pay tribute gentlemen, I know I can't wait to again.