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Thread: BARSTOOL's 2018 TOP TEN SST LIST (Sex Scandal Teachers)

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    BARSTOOL's 2018 TOP TEN SST LIST (Sex Scandal Teachers)

    Where were these women when I was in school? NONE of my teachers looked like this and nothing like this ever seemed to happen when I was a kid.

    And what the hell are they thinking? Sending nude pictures and suggestive text messages which they should know teenage boys are going to share with all their friends and brag...goodbye job hello jail, and probably goodbye marriage because interestingly enough most of these women are married. These are just a few of many that apparently got caught this year.

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    These women are likely suffering from some sort of mental illness to risk their careers like that. I'm sure all of them could get as much legal aged adult cock as they could handle. It doesn't make sense to engage with teenage boys in anyway.

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    God bless these sexy teachers and those lucky boys!!

    Where were these slutty predators when I was growing up? All I had for female teachers were fat ogres that only gave me the ability to concentrate on my school work

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    Double standard here I think.
    I would agree that if I were in high school (teenager again) and one of these babes want to show me the world, hey I would say yes.... oh hell yes.... But never happened....

    In another thread, it was the older male and younger teenage female connection; the answer was; she is jailbait...... don't.....

    Times and expectations have changed, but the male limbic system is kinda hard wired into our male brains...... I have a hard on I have to go fuck (how a hardon thinks)......

    Our society has put down many laws over the years, in order to protect people from other people. Alot has to do with the religious notation of sex and what is proper etc. How fast young people adjust to become adults etc.

    May day. A pagan ritual, dance around the maypole. What happens at a dance, people try to hook-up. Ancient customs, after planting the fields a day of celebration was held for the community. A dance held.

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